Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Valentine for a little boy

I often get orders for special cards, and if you've been visiting my blog for awhile you will have seen these ones.  Apparently the 8 year old brother of that little girl was very jealous when she got hers, so I was asked by their Grandma to make him a special one too to keep the sibling rivalry at bay!  He apparently loves robots, so I hope this one will make him happy on Valentine's Day.  In the up-close pic you will see that the matchbox drawer slides open and inside it are lots of cute puffy hearts from Really Reasonable Ribbon and a little folded piece of notepaper for the love note!  It's not too 'girly', so I hope he likes it.


  1. This is just brilliant, im sure the little boy will love it. What a fab idea for a boy on valentines day, no matter what age they are
    Kate xxx

  2. Oh my, what a fabulous valentine for a special young man!! Excellent job!!

  3. I'm sure he'll LOVE it... very fun idea!

  4. teeheehee. I simply love this Tilly. You make the best things ever. We are so so very blessed to have ya.


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