Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Friends Make Everything Better!

Hello ribbon lovers.  Summer is exiting quickly and I'm just having trouble keeping up!  I'm still loving the bi-color double-loop bow style and my card today is featuring this very bow created with my favorite ribbon styles from Really Reasonable Ribbon.
I soooo wanted to use this purple bow with the gingham on this card, but I just couldn't make it work.  I thought it might with the thin purple borders on the card, but nooooo.  So, I have a purple bow in the bank for another project.  
The gorgeous bow on my card below was made with Jade Diamond Satin Ribbon and White Delicate Stitched Satin Ribbon on my Bow-it-All V2.0.  You can view a video tutorial on how easy this bow is to make on my YouTube Channel HERE.
This bow adds quite a punch to finish off your card.  This is my all-time favorite bow.  It's easy to make and makes you look like a master bow-maker!
Thanks so much for stopping by the RRR Blog today.  For more information on the other products used on my card, please visit my Make Time to Craft Blog.

~ Bonnie ~


  1. Love this, Bonnie! I just watched your fabulous video. Loved it! Thanks!

  2. such a beautiful card! I love the shades of teal you used. I just know something fabulous will be done with that purple bow in the future! ;) you truly make the most luscious double bows I have ever seen!!!!


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