Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall Swag for your Mantle

Hi Everyone and welcome to the RRR blog today.  I am getting in the mood to decorate for fall so I decided to gather up some fall foliage branches and make up a new swag for my mantle this year.

This was super easy to make and all I needed was the pieces to go on both ends, a sunflower for the center, some wire and wire cutters.  One of my favorite ribbons in the store is under the "Natural Fibers" called "Faux Burlap with a wire edge".  It comes in 5 yummy colors and works so good for all those projects that you need a really gorgeous bow on to make it pop.

The color I chose for mine is "Wired Faux Burlap in Olive".  I made 2 double bows for both sides of the sunflower to frame it and then bent the ribbons just a little bit.  The bows I attached with wire into the base and that was all.  It's ready to hang up on the mantle and maybe I will have to do a couple of candle holders to match...that would be so pretty.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day,



  1. this is beautiful and looks amazing on your mantle! the wired ribbon is perfect with all of those branches. I love the gorgeous sunflower that sits in the center of the ribbons! :)


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