Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bow-it-All Tutorial * Big Bows with Really Reasonable Ribbon

Hi there everyone.  Are ya ready for Christmas yet??!!
I am so NOT ready!   [sigh....]

I've had a few requests for a Bow-it-All Tutorial for BIG BOWS, so I pulled out my favorite toy bow making tool and some gorgeous ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon and this is what I came up with.

For those who already own a Bow-it-All Tool, I hope you are having fun with it.  If you don't have one yet, what are ya waiting for??!!

This bow is made with 1-1/2" Silky Crush Ribbon which performed even better than I expected.  You'll be amazed how little work there is to do after removing the bow from the Bow-it-All.  It practically fluffs itself.

This is a double-tail bow made with 1-1/2" Red Gingham and 1-1/2" Ruby Red Double-faced Satin.  
I embellished the center with a handmade paper flower.
Wouldn't this look great on a holiday wreath or as a tree topper?

This is a big now made with Wired-Edge Ribbon.  Wired Edge ribbons create a beautiful large bow because the loops hold their shape so beautifully.
The center of this bow is embellished with a pretty Mulberry Flower.

Here is my video tutorial.
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Now get that Bow-it-All Tool out and make some BIG BOWS ladies.  
These bows are perfect for holiday decorating and gift wrapping.

If you still don't have a Bow-it-All Tool, you can always tell Santa he can get you one at Really Reasonable Ribbon.   :)

~ Bonnie ~


  1. Thanks sooo much for taking the time to make this video here in such a busy time. These bows are sooo beautiful and would just be perfect for any kind of party you would make decorations for. It´s absolutely gorgeous and we´re many here, who just loves them, and it gives us a good reason to use some of all grandma´s many many ribbons he he. My daughter cals it addiction, but my granddaughters agree with me, that they´re just gorgeous accesories to everything he he.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and hopefully lots of fun.

  2. Elegant bows great tutorial thanks Bonnie oh also the ribbons you used are gorgeous TFS

  3. LOVE your bow videos! They are the best!!! Thank you for telling the name of the ribbons you are using so I can order the same ones. One you forgot to tell tho, is the pink ribbon that goes from light to dark across the ribbon. What is that called? I'm happy to report that I have made ribbon bows for many of my holiday packages and I've been getting rave reviews. But, the ones you demonstrated here are even better, so I'm gonna be playing some more! And ordering more ribbon!!!

  4. Sorry Tracy. The reason there is not a link to that ribbon is I don't currently have it in stock. I was not carrying a lot of wired edge ribbons because there was not a huge interest, but since they work so well with the bow-it-all tool, you will see more early next year. I did just add a nice wired woven check though that would work wonderfully.

  5. Hi love you tutorials i just found it were can i get this bow maker and is it just one size or are there different sizes xx


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