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How I Learned to Tie the Perfect Bow

RRR December 20 08

How I Learned to Tie the Perfect Bow

Really Reasonable Ribbon

Hello, all you fabulous ribbon lovers!It's Kathy from Kathy by Design  back with another project featuring Really Reasonable Ribbon. I fell hard for the December Ribbon Club Assortment. Those Winter Blues had my fingers itching to make a winter wonderland card. Check it out:

Monthly Ribbon Club, Domestic

Is this ribbon yummy, or what? Here's what I made with the white delicate stitched satin and white sheer stitched center ribbons.

 RRR December 20 07  

These ribbons were absolutely the perfect pairing for the Graphic 45 Nutcracker Sweet papers. 

RRR December 20 03
They were also really easy to work with. it's time for a true confession. I treated myself to an early Christmas present. I purchased the Zutter Bow-it-All Tool. I really struggle with making perfect bows. After watching Bonnie's You-Tube tutorials I found myself really wanting this tool. 

I have a long and sad history when it comes to tying bows. I struggled mightily to learn how to tie my shoes. (My mother: "They won't let you into 1st grade if you can't tie your own sneakers." Me: "Waaaaaaah. I wanna go to school but I can't do it.It's too hard." 

Then fast forward to high school: My Mother: "You are not going out of this house with that bow tied like that." Me: "You tie it." Mom: "Not on your life. Anyone as smart as you are can certainly learn how to tie a bow." 

Fast forward to me as a married woman (she blushes with shame) My Mother: "I can't believe you still can't tie a bow. That is inexcusable." Me: no response. I had given up by this point.

So, you can see why a product that promises perfect bows would appeal to me. And you know what? It works. For real. My days of needing remedial help in the bow tying arena are over. Check out this triple loop bow I tied with the help of my new best friend:

RRR December 20 06
(She beams with satisfaction.) 

I know my mother is resting easier in Heaven, knowing that her ne'er tie well daughter can now create a perfect bow. Not just any bow...a triple loop bow, thank you very much!

 An era of shame has ended and now I can tie bows with the best of them! I'm working on mastering the two tiered bow now. Not even Mom could do that. 
Thank you Zutter Bow-it-All and Really Reasonable Ribbon. 

RRR December 20 01

Here's a peek at the inside:

RRR December 20 04
This is a great all-purpose winter card...good for a winter birthday or a Christmas card. I love versatility.

And that's it for me today, folks. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were inspired, maybe got a chuckle from my tale of bow tying woe. I'd love to hear from you. Do you struggle with tying the perfect bow, or have you been a perfect bow tie-er since birth? I told you how I learned to tie the perfect did you learn? Leave me a'll make me happy right down to the tips of my crafty (and perfect bow-tying) little fingers.
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  1. Gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas and a full of arts, joys and successes New Year!

  2. Very elegant and yes that ribbon looks yummy! I also have been eyeing the bow maker and finally ordered one from RRR but my daughter is wrapping it and on the tag it will be from my hubby lol my fingers are itching but the wait is not that long hehe.

  3. I am so proud of you! Way to conquer being bow challenged! Love the card!


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