Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Super Simple Tutorial

With summer approaching, I thought it would be a great time 
to start thinking about summery
hair pretties!  Skye thought so, too, when I made her a super cute
 and super simple Ponytail holder.

Here she is modeling her newest little hair pretty:

I have put together an "Easy to Follow"
photo tutorial for you today. 

First, you will want to gather your materials.
I used the Pony-Os and the March Ribbon Club assortment.
Of course you can use any of the beautiful ribbons that Bonnie has to offer!

I cut my ribbons into 5 inch lengths and heat sealed the ends.  
I used 14 strips...7 aqua and 7 coral.
I found that too many will decrease the elasticity in the band,
so the fewer it takes to cover the band the better.

Here is the finished hairband. 
I alternated the colors for more visual interest.

and finally, here is the ponytail holder actually IN USE in my little girls' hair!

Skye loved it and I found that it was my EASIEST to make hair pretty yet!
I had her pick out several different styles of her FAVORITE ribbons so that I can make more of these for her to use this summer to pull her long hair up off her neck. That is a MUST in this TEAXS heat and humidity!  

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it helps to give you inspiration to make some hair pretties of your own!~


  1. Fab tutorial and gorgeous result!! I haven't got a little girl but may make some of these for myself!!
    Hazel xx


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