Monday, April 13, 2015

Really Reasonable Ribbon April Blog Hop

Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing Blog Hop here at the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog! 

Today you will see some great projects using our April Ribbon Club Assortment from our very talented design team. They always come up with some super ideas. 

Isn't this assortment great??  It contains 9 styles and a total of 17 yards.  If you aren't already a ribbon club member, why not join us today!  You will get a fun new ribbon assortment shipped automatically each month.

Now let's get hopping and see what our fabulous design team has created this month!

Here is our blog hop list.  If you get lost along the way, hop on back here and we'll get you back on track.
NOTE: Due to blogger issues if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you may have trouble with certain blogs. If you run into a blog you cannot view, or a forward link that is mis-behaving, please head back here to move to the next stop on the blog hop or try viewing using Google Chrome. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings

Now, be sure to leave some love at all the stops along the way. Your comments are most appreciated!

At the end of the hop, comment on this post answering the question below for a chance to win our April Ribbon Club assortment shown below.

Our question of the month is:

Do you read blog posts or do you just skim and look at the pictures?
I'm totally interested in your answers and please - you won't hurt my feeling if you say you just look at the pictures.  I'm trying to decide if a really short post with lots of photos is really preferred by most people.  I realize you are reading this because I make you to answer the question- lol, but what about an every day post?

Our winner will be selected from the numbered comments on this post on Friday, 5/17. Be sure to check back on Friday evening to see if you are our lucky winner.

Thanks so much for hopping with us today. We hope you'll stop by and so some shopping at Really Reasonable Ribbon soon.

~Bonnie Garby~


  1. GORGEOUS colour combo and ribbon mix!!!
    I confess that THIS RIBBON ADDICT is wondering WHY she is NOT a Ribbon Club member!!!
    I can't wait to get hopping along, I KNOW I will be INSPIRED :)
    PS - my cyber time is limited, so I usually skim & look at the pictures, when something catches my eye, I read EVERYTHING so that I can learn more.

    1. I have hopped & hopped, then hopped some more - I am TOTALLY INSPIRED!!!
      LOVE the cards & projects shared at every stop along the way - THANK YOU for sharing EVERYONE :)
      PS - while I LOVE the photos, I really appreciate getting detailed tutorials so that I can try my hand at recreating them.

  2. It depends on time and busyness. a really good headline and picture will catch my eye and I will save the post for later or read in its entirety but usually I skim and pin.
    Love these ribbons

  3. Love this color combo! I most of the time read the blogs or save for later to read.

  4. I love blog hops and I read all
    the blogs I visit. I love having
    pictures over videos most of
    the time. Love the ribbon pack
    this month!
    Carla from Utah

  5. I like the short posts with pictures. Its not just the long blogs, but by the time all the ads and thumbnail photos and graphics and everything load up, a long blog hop can take a long time. I get wonderful inspiration from the photos themselves, but if there is a really unusual technique or something I've never seen before, then I like the tutorial too!

  6. Lovely eye candy in the hop! I look mostly at pictures. Then, if I find a project I'm especially enamored with, I like to read how it was done so I can try. I have been thinking about this on my personal blog, too, as family and friends don't care so much how things were done. I'm hoping to find a way to 'click for more info' or something similar.

  7. Thanks for letting me guest again this month! I had fun hopping around and seeing the other projects!

  8. lovely blog hop, lovely cards, and lovely ribbons <3

  9. Fun hop. Whether I read everything depends on the blog. If it's people I follow cos they do amazing work and entertaining writing I tend to read the whole thing. I like to look at pictures and read how people have done a technique or the products if I am not familiar with them. A bit about everyday life or family is OK, sometimes enlightening, inspiring or educational, but I am usually visiting to see the craft so an essay on a childs first day at school, heavy religion or politics probably will just get skimmed. It is also a little disappointing to turn up to find just a published photo and a list of challenges entered. I prefer pictures to videos, unless it's a short video LOL,. Thanks for asking. Hugz

  10. So many beautiful projects from the team. Thanks ladies.
    Reading blog posts - I usually don't take the time to read many of the blog posts I follow. I look at the pics and skim over the write up. If it is short, I might read the whole thing.

  11. Thanks for the blog hop! I really enjoyed seeing all the projects by your DT! I don't own any RRR and would love to try it! I've hopped along on a number of your blog hops and would love to win some of your ribbon! These colours are fabulous!

    As for reading blog posts, I do both! If I really like what I see and am curious how it was made or am interested in the products used, I will read the whole thing. If it's just the same old, same old, then I usually just look at the photos and might skim to see what products were used. I like to try new things, new techniques, new styles, so I'm always on the lookout for something unusual or different.

    Thank you for a chance to win your ribbon, really hoping this is my lucky hop!

  12. Great use of these gorgeous ribbons on the blog hop Bonnie. I do read the blog posts, sometimes I look at the pictures first, but always end up going back and reading the post. I would love to win this assortment of ribbons. Thanks for the chance.

  13. I really like to read the post when I have the time to do so cause you never know what tip or trick may be there and I know people may also have info posted other than about that days project. I do know people are very busy these days and if they took the time to post something I should at least try to take the time to read it! Thanks Bonnie great question!

  14. I usually read the whole post, unless the content appears to not appeal to me. Love my ribbons from the Ribbon Club.

  15. Love this gorgeous ribbon collection... yummy colors! Can't wait to see how the DT gals used them!
    It depends on how far behind I am in catching up on blogs I follow whether I read or skim! Mostly, I check out the pics and skim!

  16. I really enjoy reading the blogs and seeing all the pictures! (PS I'm just loving this April ribbon assortment...the colors are so beautiful.)

  17. I read the post and look at the pictures. I had a blog contest once for a card I made and I said in the post: if you are reading this post please indicate in your 'comment' if you like having the supplies listed in the post. Out of 45 comments, only 6 people read the post so the prize was drawn from just the 6 comments! My experience: people don't read.

  18. If I really like what I see and want to know how it was made and/or interested in the products used l read the whole thing. If I have just too many emails like over 100 then I usually just look at the photos and might skim. I like to try new things, new techniques, new styles, so I'm always on the lookout for something unusual or different. Love the April ribbons. TFS.

  19. It depends what the subject is. If it's something I want to know how it was made I will read the post. If it's something I'm not too interested in I will just glance at the photos.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Great blog hop!! I loved looking at all the gorgeous projects! The ribbon set is absolutely stunning! Love the color combination! To answer your question I like to read through the blog posts but I do find myself skimming through sometimes.

  22. Beautiful colors.
    I usually do read blog posts unless they are unusually long or I have too busy of a day. Love photos but not too many--my computer slows down with too many photos.

  23. most of the time I just skim thru and look at the photos, unless something catches my eye and I wan to see how it was made or what a certain product is!

  24. Keeping up with blogs is very time consuming. Many times I skim the pictures and if it is something that interest me, I read more. I hope this is what you were looking for. Thank you for sharing.
    God bless,

  25. I absolutely love the rose coral and aqua. So much that I will sign up for the club tomorrow after my check comes in. Always broke before payday!

  26. I'm afraid I didn't read the notes given by bloggers.l did read notes given by the crafters. Especially if I really liked the card or whatever they showed. And there were some absolutely beautiful ones that took my breath away. I was unable to comment on one. It was the one done with Spectrum Noir. For some reason it would not let me comment. But I really loved that card. She used the new Spectrum Noir Aqua which I'm dying to try and have ordered but not received.

  27. Mostly I skim through. If I see a technique or design I will take a longer look. tjigo

  28. It depends on my schedule for the day. I do my blog hopping in the morning with coffee in hand. If I have a busy day ahead, I skim. If I don't have much for plans I take the time to read. These colors are just beautiful together!!


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