Monday, December 13, 2010

A colorful rolled ribbon/felt beaded necklace

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Being Tuesday it's my day to give you some inspiration, so I hope you like what I've made.  As I'm in the Southern Hemisphere it's summer, so this necklace looks great with a plain T-shirt, although of course would look lovely on a black winter turtleneck too.  The beads are many and various - rolled ribbon and felt, glass, ceramic and plastic, and they are strung onto thin chiffon ribbon.  I've left two long tails of ribbon at the ends and tied a bead to each one, as you can see, as I think it adds a bit of pizzazz to the closure.  They can be left to dangle behind the neck, or in front, as in the pic.  (There is no actual closure - the necklace is long enough to fit over my head.)
The ribbon beads are made by rolling the ribbon over a bamboo skewer, working slowly and carefully and using a dab of fabric glue every half inch or so, with a generous amount used at the end.  Leave them on the skewer until you need them so that the hole will stay open.  The felt beads are made the same way but are also wrapped in various threads, some with seedbeads on them, both to hold them together and also to add more dimension and color. 
While this may not be a quick project, it is certainly worthwhile.  I have had so many comments on it when I've been wearing it, and have also been asked if I sell them (no!).  It's also a good way to use up odd beads and small ribbon bits, as the more variety of colors, textures and shapes in it, the more the "wow" factor.


  1. this is so clever i love it xx

  2. So colorful and fun...what a fabulous gift it would make too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Cool necklace. This would be a great project for kiddos too! :)

  4. Fun, Fun! Love all the colors, different textures and shapes!
    XO ~ Amy Jo

  5. I love all the colors and textures of this. It would make a terrific gift.

  6. Really cool for the kids. A terrific project for the holidays. Your combination of colors is great and the beauty of this necklace is that each one you create would be so individual.


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