Friday, May 7, 2010

Something to think about

Hi, Susan here. I am one of the scrapbooking gals, and I wanted to share with you some lo's that I have done using ribbons. However, I am going to ask you to "think outside the box" when it comes to using ribbon. I so often just use ribbon on a lo, but it is usually a nice little bow or just a strip of ribbon. Here are a few of my past lo's where I have used ribbon in a different way.

On the above lo, I used a hole punch around the edges. I then wove ribbon through the holes to make a border. Here is a ribbon in the store like the one I used - "black stitched ribbon".

For this lo I used black ric rac as a design element as well as separating each section into rays coming aways from my photo.

Here is another way, I thought outside the box. I took bits of ribbon and looped them to make a border. You can find stitched ribbon here and dotted ribbon here in the store.

On this last lo I used ric rac to make a border and stitched ribbon to make flowers. It is so easy to make these flowers using stitched ribbon. You only need to pull the stitch on one side of the ribbon. It will start to bunch up. Twirl and you have a flower. I will give you a visual tutorial on how to do this is in one of my next posts.

OK, so now you've seen some lo's where I used ribbon or ric rac in a "outside of the box" sort of way. Now I am going to go simple on you. I want you to "visualize" what both of these projects would look like if I "did not" have ribbon on them.

What I want you to do is imagine that the ribbon is "not" there. It just wouldn't have the same impact would it? The ribbon justs add that little something making the card stand out. You can find the ribbon I used on the card here in the store.

For the wall plaque above, again imagine that I did not use the yellow ribbon on the wire hanger. If I had this hanging on the wall in my home, you may or may not notice it. However, just adding that one bright bit of ribbon at the top will help draw the eye toward the art work. Again, you can find the ribbon for this project here in the store.

There you have it. A few ways to use ribbon in a different way, but you all can see what difference a piece of ribbon can make on a project. I like to think of it as adding that piece of jewelry to your favorite outfit, or adding the perfect accessory to your coffee table.

I hope you have enjoyed my first post. We are just getting started here. You'll be seeing more and more beautiful work by our talented design team.

Happy Crafting!

Susan Dupre


  1. Fantastic layouts Susan. I love your scrapbooking style. It is truly amazing

  2. I like them too!!



  3. Very pretty projects Susan!
    True :D


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