Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ribbon Borders Galore!!!!

Hi Everyone and Happy Mothers day to each and every one of you. Erika here and I'm bringing you a tutorial I did a bit ago for Gingersnap Creations. I love ribbon and how it can really bring a project together.

First I made a 6 card set using these wonderful 20's Ladies stamps from Artistic Stamper. I absolutely love the feminine flair these bring to any project. Here are the cards before the ribbon treatments

The first card I am just using a satin ribbon to create a simple bow, then trimming the edges.

The second card has a Dior bow attached and this is how you make it.

First cut 4 pieces of Mauve 5/8" satin ribbon, the longest 3 should be cut at 1" increments. The forth ribbon is 2" max.

Take the longest piece and attach a glue dot to one end, then make a loop. Repeat this for the next two pieces.

Now layer the ribbons on top of one another and pinch together

With the final piece of ribbon,(attach adhesive tape to entire back) wrap around the ribbons you have layered together.

Your final ribbon will then look like this

Now to finish the second card.Such an easy bow that has serious impact.

Third card up and ready. This is one of the funnest borders to do and is so versatile. I call it a loop border. First you will need a few small satin or grosgrain ribbon pieces {I uses 5/8" mauve and 5/8" Ocean Mist and one longer piece for finishing. Start off by applying tape adhesive to the card.

Then adhere each strip of small ribbon

Once all the small pieces are attached, apply another piece of tape adhesive across the top of the ribbons.

Fold each ribbon piece over creating a loop

Once all ribbons are folded over, apply strip of adhesive to last piece of ribbon and adhere to finish edge.

Three cards down, three to go. hope you are all still with me.

For the next card you are going to need a stapler. This is a super easy way to create great ruffles without getting the sewing machine out. The Silk 1 1/4" in Celery and Pink
First adhere the edge of the ribbon to your card.

Now take the stapler and staple your first pleat.

Continue stapling then folding

I used two colors of silk ribbon, so half way through, started from step one. and this is the final card.

The last two borders are super easy. First we have the ribbon knot finished with a pearl embellishment. I truly love the simplicity of this one and Silk ribbon ties these knots beautifully. Try creating different edges to the ends of your ribbon by using decorative scissors.

And the final card of the six pack is a layered border. I started out with a 1 1/4" silk, then added 5/8" Mauve satin and felt {the 3/8" Velvet ribbon works extremely well here too}.

Start by putting tape adhesive onto the satin piece of ribbon first. Then adhere it to the Silk. Less wrinkles this way. Then add the felt on top.

Now flip the ribbon over and apply adhesive to the center. and add it onto your card.

That's 6 and this is the final results.

What a difference ribbon can make to any project. try your hand at a few of these simple techniques and let us see what you come up with.

Erika Taylor


  1. Wowzers Erika! I want to run into my craft room and get to work! So much inspiration in 1 post, love it!

  2. WOW indeed ;) Great ideas, Erika - love it - thanks so much for the inspiration.

    Greetings, Misseke

  3. Great tutorial!
    So many ways to add ribbon to cards!
    True :D

  4. I just love your ideas ! I am sooo thrilled to get your updates via e-mail. I have used some of your teams ideas thus far (linking back of course) and can't wait to start recieving the ribbon club ribbon!!! YAY!

  5. thanks for showing us the diverend technics
    love the cards
    hugs angelique


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