Monday, January 30, 2012

Best of Gnomies!

Happy Monday everyone! It's Emily here from Create Serendipity sharing a new little project with you today. Well, it's new for me! I usually do mini albums, but I have started to venture off into home decor projects.

A few weeks ago my husband went down to the river and got a truck load full of driftwood. Now I usually look around the house to find things to alter but rarely go out into nature and find things. This wood is so cool! There are so many different shapes and sizes and textures! Of coarse I cleaned it up really nice before putting my pretty paper & ribbons on it, but I decided to make a little wall hanging out of this little one. I've had this cute little gnome stamp set for a while and thought they would go perfect on this project!

The pretty ribbons that I used on this one are Satin/Grosgrain Double Band Yellow, Satin/Grosgrain Double Band Teal, Satin/Grosgrain Double Band Fuchsia, Torrid Orange Grosgrain

Thanks for stopping by today! Hopefully I have inspired you to go out into nature and find something cool to add pretty ribbons to! Well, of coarse, if you aren't covered in snow ;-)

♥ Emily


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