Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scrappin' with Ribbon!

Good Morning Everyone!  
And Happy Thursday!!!  We are almost to the weekend!  YAY!
And..we are still in our "Summertime/Picnic" theme Guess what you get from me....
I did a summertime scrapbook layout with ribbon!

In this house...we love popsicles, 
we devour ice cream {Blue Bell}...
but when it comes down to it,
summertime treat is
Yeah Baby!!!
And with five kids, THIS Mama gets a boatload of fantastic photo ops! 
Here is "YUMMY".....

I used the loops on the die cut paper to my advantage...
I laced my red gingham ribbon through like shoe laces and tied it all up. 
Then, I weaved the green leaves through the loops to 
give it the feeling of a watermelon vine.  The larger yellow flowers are handmade.

For this layout, I used:
7/8 inch red gingham ribbon
lime green leaves ribbon
And all papers are from My Minds Eye.

I hear all the time that people do not know how to creatively use ribbon on their layouts...
well, I just showed you TWO creative ways!!
So...those of you who have a TON of ribbon but no idea what to do with it...
put it into your next layout!  
It is  a LOT of fun and a super easy way to add focal interest
without distracting the eye from the photos.

Oh...and OF COURSE I can't send you away
without a hair pretty!!!
I used that same watermelon theme with
7/8 inch red gingham ribbon with 1/4 apple green grosgrain
and I mounted it on a rectangular snap clip.

*****BACK VIEW*****

And here is my Gorgeous Model, Aubrie.  She is my 10 year old daughter
***who will be 11 in 3 weeks!!! AGH!***
She was very willing to not only model these clippies...
but asked could she have them!  
Ummmmm....Of course!
I think they look marvelous in her beautiful red hair...don't you?

Well, I hope I have given you some "Sweet Summertime" inspiration today!
I don't know about you all...
But I am ready for a nice big piece of Watermelon!!!!

Have a Fantabulous Day!!!
Thanks for Dropping by!


  1. Briliant.......:) Sandra H

  2. You are very creative, I really appreciated the layout and how you cut apart the round diecut and used both sides on the layout, genius! I also loved the watermelon made out of ribbon that you created for the layout, and well the hair bows are always cute!

  3. The hair clips are so FANTASTIC!!

  4. This layout is adorable as can be!
    Now the cutie wearing the barrette is adorable.
    Girl you are a talented one.

  5. These watermelons and the layout are just too cute! I've linked this up on Practical Scrappers today!

  6. really just too cute.. amazing


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