Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quickie Gift idea....

So...have you found yourself in a time crunch lately?  
Have you forgotten more than once to pick up a little gift for someone's birthday
or kindergarten graduation?
I DID!  
I totally FORGOT to send a gift with my 10 year old for her friend
 whose birthday was the last day of school...
I forgot to get my 5 year old a graduation gift!  AGH!  
I have been so busy these last 2 weeks of school 
it is unreal.  (Thank goodness for summer break!) these situations, I try to think of something that I can do so 
that it is not as apparent that I forgot!

Well, I have a super huge stash of ribbon.  
Remember my addiction that I told you of? 
I dug through my ribbon and found some cute designs
that I could use for the 11 year old's birthday.
I made the flip flops that I did a tutorial for last month...
and while they were CUTE, I kept thinking I needed something "more".

I did a hair accessory.
Now...11 year old girls do not typically wear big poofy bows in their hair, so I 
needed something less "dramatic"
I decided on a ponytail holder with a touch of ribbon for accent.

This pony tail holder is THE EASIEST thing to make and 
it takes about 5minutes.


3/8 inch Bright Green Grosgrain 
3/8 inch Jade Grosgrain
5/8 inch dark purple grosgrain
7/8 inch rainbow PEACE grosgrain
white pony O ring

This gift was a hit with my daughter, her friend, and ALL the other little girls in the class!
I even got a phone call from the Mom telling me how much she loved it! 

~SCORE "ONE" for Mom!!!~

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend...and a fabulous start to Summer!
Thanks for visiting today!


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