Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ribbon BookMark Tut !

Sarah here with a little tut for a Ribbon BookMark.
I can't take credit for this idea , I saw it awhile back , when surfing.So this is what I came up with from what I remembered.I added the extra tail of ribbon. 
Above is the list of items you will need.
I  used a length of ribbon 17" plus a piece 3"
Pont tail elastics,Button, needle and thread.

With needle and thread, pinch the ribbon about 3" from one end and sew,
plus pinch the 3" piece and sew. 
Attach the 3" piece to the longer length by sewing.
Then sew on button.
Attach the ponytail elastic to the other end, either by sewing or attaching with some tape.
I used a piece of score tape.
Hook the elastic around the button
and Voila , a very easy peasy Book Mark.
I used a piece of  White Diamond Satin and a Piece of  Sheer Line Edge  Black/White for these 2 bookmarks.Also used a couple of button from the Fruitsicle Buttons

I also used a piece of Diamond Satin Red
A piece of Brown Crochet Lace
Couple of button from my stash.

Couple of pics to show   how they look on a book.
Be sure to check out the Really Reasonable Ribbon store for all your ribbon Needs!

Thank you for visiting today and Have a wonderful week!


  1. WOUW what an awesome idea here, and this is something, that even the kids can make as a small gift for mum and dad and who else they would give small gifts for, and it looks really beautiful, besides it´s a very useful gift too.
    Thanks so much for this great tip here, which I´m sure, I´m going to try sometime soon.
    have a great day and lots of fun.

  2. Cool Bookmarks! Thanks for the tutorial! ;)

    True :D

  3. Those are just adorable!!! Love them Sarah!!!!


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