Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Come Ride With Me

Hey ribbon fans! I know you are going to look at this post and think, "gosh, Valentine's Day is over."  but I'll say right back at ya, "isn't it always time for LOVE?!" grins!

but really, wouldn't you know that when my youngest son came home for a surprise visit this past weekend, he also needed a Valentine's Day card for his girlfriend ASAP! ;) no matter how old our kids get, it's just like back in elementary school when they tell you on the drive to school that oh yes, they need 4 dozen cupcakes RIGHT NOW! ;)

so I got busy in my craft room. really busy. like, the glue might have still been a little itty bit wet when she came by to pick him up to drive him back to school! but it was finished and she liked it. whew.....

It's times like these that I am thankful for having a nice supply of ribbons & flowers from the RRR store and access to a place like Polly's Paper Studio, our challenge sponsor. I was able to print out the Retro Valentine Card digital file, add some great mulberry flowers like the cottage rose, sweetheart blossoms, and other roses to the patterned papers and heart doily. some great saved snippets of the Sweetheart Striped grosgrain stapled to the upper corner are topped with a vintage button. Red burlap string tied around the card base adds the finishing touch.

Easy peasy!  The great thing is that this card design can be adapted for ANY holiday or occasion. give it a try! :)

For more detailed information, please head over to my blog, "Just Coffee Please..."


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    1. thanks, Nancy. just glad I got it done in time for my son's girlfriend. ;)


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