Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Monsters

Happy Monday everyone!!!  I hope you are up and ready to face a wonderful week as we have just OFFICIALLY entered into the Autumn season!  YAY!  It is my most favorite time of the year weather-wise.  Down here in Texas it gets SUUUUPER HOT in the summer, so we kinda look forward to the fall  months!  
This Friday, my youngest son will enter  into the Double Digits...YIKES.
He will be 10, but we had his birthday party a little early...and he decided on a "Little Monster" theme this year.   I made monster cupcakes, monster music, and even made monster invitations.  
Here are the invitations using RRR ribbon on each one!
So, it was the first time I used my cricut machine in MONTHS!  LOL.  My kids decided they would name each here they are...
Cyclops Sally Spider comes in wearing a satin Orange bow from the RRR Club Assortment.
Her "silk" is cleverly disguised, but is really the black and white bakers twine from the mini spool Garden Party Set. 
Next up is Polly Punkin.  Her "hair dresser" used both ivory and moss jute ribbon in 1 1/2 in size to create her stem and leaves.  And then added in an "extension" using strands of lime green leaves .  
 Five Arm Freddy is sporting a super sophisticated black bow-tie from the RRR Assortment Collection...and doesn't he look fabulous!

 Willie One-Arm has issues brushing his hair, so he just sticks with a mohawk made of Lime Green ric rac from the Mini Collection.
And last up is the coolest...and appropriately named after my own son...the Birthday Boy.

Dayne the Devil makes his entrance with a monsterly cool hair-do.  Lime green and yellow silks form his mohawk from the Checkerboard Assortment.  He decided to add in some black tips also, using an ink applicator...doesn't he look dashing!?

Of curse I made more invitations than that, but the others didn't sport the fantabulous ribbons tht these do!  LOL
And here are the cupcakes that I made...Each one different, each one special.  

I think my son had a Magnificent Monstrous Birthday Party...but honestly, it put me in the mood for HALLOWEEN!  lol
Here is a little something to help get YOU into the Halloween mood!


  1. Они потрясные!!!!СУПЕР!!!!ЗДОРОВО!!!

  2. Oh they are the cutiest!! x

  3. Cute post, fun to read! Felt like I was at a posh monster fashion show! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. these are sooooooooooooo stinkin cute! Each one has its own personality! Happpy bday to your son!


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