Thursday, November 10, 2022

Hang It Up!

 Hi Y'all, and Happy Thursday!  Misty here again today sneaking in for another guest spot.  I think I may have mentioned this before, but just in case I haven't, let me say it again...
There is so much to choose from and always the perfect addition to ANY project!  Sometimes I feel like that Grandma that does those commercials for the Frank's Hot Sauce company ..."I put that schtuff on EVERYTHING!"  HA HA!! 

Today I am going to share another "off the page" ribbon craft with you!  While I am a scrapbooker first and foremost, I also seem to have been blessed with the gift of  "crafty fingers" and everyone around me knows it.  I haven't quite decided if that is a good or bad thing, because there is always SOMEONE who is in need of a crafty favor and comes straight to me.  LOL.  Of course, I always say yes!  I will do whatever they are wanting if it falls within my scope of crafts.  It usually does!! 

Most recently I was asked to create personalized hangers for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  While it may seem a bit of an odd request, I knew exactly what the goal was.  This bride wants every little detail to be precise and perfect, so that the photos come out top notch.  I don't blame her! Even the hangers will need to match to help create the storybook wedding that she wants and deserves.  Of course I was all too excited to do this for her! 

With 5 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen, I knew that I would need 11 wooden hangers. I also needed spray paint to match her colors(Emerald and Gold), painters' tape to cover the hook of the hanger when I paint, a clear coat to seal in the paint, (I used Mod Podge), and of course the vinyl and tools to cut the names on my Cricut Maker.

From the RRR Store I used Shimmer Satin Emerald ribbon and 11MM White heart pearl beads to add a touch of beauty to the otherwise plain hangers.

The steps are SO SIMPLE! 
First, wrap the painter's tape around all the hooks of the hangers to protect from overspray.

Next, lay all of your hangers out onto a large drop cloth in a nice sunny open area.
spray your hangers on one side, letting dry 30 minutes.  

Next, flip them over and do the opposite side, making sure to get good coverage. 
Let dry 30 minutes.
Check for any missed spots and do your touch ups now.
Once you start adding the names you will not want to have to paint again. 
(The painting stages are all done outside on a nice day)

Now that part is done, you can gather the hangers and take them comes the fun part! 

While the hangers were in the drying stages,

I was cutting out the names on my Cricut

and I was making the bows getting them ready to glue on:

For the hangers for the Bridesmaids, I painted them with a glittery gold paint,
and used emerald for the accents the names. 
I added all the names, then I used Mod Podge to seal the entire painted surfaces. 
Once that dried, I hot glued the bows in place and was Done! Y'all, this 
Shimmer Satin Emerald ribbon is flippin' gorgeous! 

For the Groomsmen, I used the Emerald for the hanger, and Gold for the Accents.
While they didn't get bows or hearts or pearls to make them pop, I decided to still share them since they were part of my project. Without any other accent to make the names stand out, I decided
to mount them on a just solid black square of vinyl. 
WOW what a difference that made! 

I thoroughly enjoyed transforming these plain wooden hangers into something beautiful for the Bride to give to her wedding party.  I'm pretty sure that she loved them and is excited to give them! The colors and fonts all matched and so will her photos.  Hopefully, these will help to create the perfect storybook wedding that she deserves! 
AND....Hopefully I have inspired you to do something crafty! 
Head on over to Really Reasonable Ribbon and get started with the perfect ribbons! 

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  1. What a clever and very crafty person you are. I am sure not only the bride & groom enjoyed them but the wedding party did too. How could you not love having your own personalized hanger and keepsake! This idea would be lovely for so many occasions - baby shower gift, birthday, house warming, hangers to match holiday PJs (bet kids would love this idea) and the list goes on.... Great inspirational idea and so well done - KUDOS!


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