Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mom is Everything To Me

Happy Easter, everyone! Nicole P. here and I hope you are having a great time with your family or your loved ones. Since I like to plan things ahead, I thought sharing a Mother's Day card today would be perfect so you can get inspired for the next holiday that's coming up soon. Today's card feature the soft, pretty, amazing Pink Wrinkled Ribbon

Before I talk about the ribbon, I will share a technique I used on this card. You see those roses that are colored with pinks and greens? I used Copic markers to color the images, but, to create a much softer and part "water-color" look, I only filled in random parts of the images. I call this a "Selective Copic Coloring" which I came up with couple months ago. I was experimenting with it and fell in LOVE with the results. 
You can watch my other project's video tutorial where I walk you through this technique in action. 

Let's talk about this adorable ribbon. Wrinkled ribbons can be a perfect accent for your projects, when you want to give a bit more texture or interest. Using a nice, flat ribbon can give you clean, finished look where wrinkled ribbon can give you more of the soft, vintage look. I actually just finished "collecting" the wrinkled ribbon collection that Bonnie carries - they are super affordable and you can get lots of them for your buck! 

Wrinkled Ribbons are light-weight but super easy to tie bows. Once you set it, it is good to go! Try using the wrinkled ribbon and see how you like it. Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a Happy Easter!


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  1. What a beautiful card I love your technique I will have to check out that video thanks


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