Monday, November 14, 2011

Bow of the Month

As most of you have figured out, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to make bows with the Monthly Ribbon Club Assortment.  Each month, when Bonnie sends out the ribbons, I get all giddy with anticipation of what the  ribbon will be.  Each month is fantastic, each month is better than the last, and each month, 
to design a fantabulous bow for my daughter!

This month was no exception.  
The golds and silvers are GORGEOUS!!!! 
As I was conjuring up the bow in my head...I kept imagining twinkling stars and Christmas Tree lights.
I decided that was the way I would go. 
And, a Star was born! 

Would you like to be able to make this super easy bow for your special little girl for the holidays?  Well, I have created some instructions that will help you be able to do just that!

You will Need:
glue gun
size 10 cotton crochet thread
**Some people prefer a thin wire**
stars on wire
scissors and a lighter to seal your ends

1. First, layer your ribbons alternating silver and gold.
Tie the ends together tightly and clip and seal with the lighter.

2. Remove the hardware from your clip.
Secure your tied ends of your ribbons to one end of the clip, and make a loop, wrapping the thread multiple times to secure. 

3. Continue making the same sized loops wrapping with the thread multiple times to secure tightly.  
*If your thread breaks off, dab the broken end with hot glue securing it to the clip and start again.
*I used 2 different colored threads to show this. 
**I use the thread because it is easier for me to tighten. It doesnt hurt my hand, and it rarely breaks off.  Wire will work also without breaking, but hurts when I pull it tightly.  :)  

4. Once your have finished making your loops, you are going to hide the threads using a strip of ribbon hot glued to the underside of the clip.  DO NOT get glue on the two ends of the clip.  You need to be able to replace your hardware!  

Here is a top view. 
 At this point, you will start forming the fun part of the bow!

5.  Start fanning out your loops, pulling to one side or the other, alternating direction as you go. 

View of how it should look at this point.

6. Now, clip your star wire into 4 inch lengths and fold in half. 

7.  Separate your loops to expose your threads.  This is where you will place a dab of hot glue and add your stars at the fold. Do this randomly all over your bow until you have satisfied your need for stars. :)
Once you have added all your stars, don't be scared to fan them out and re-situate your ribbons to the perfect position. 

 When you are done....
A STAR will be Born!!!

A little side note about the dress....
Yesterday, when the hop officially posted, 
I honestly did NOT have the dress.
I made my regular weekend trip to Wal Mart,
and I saw it. 
Hanging right out in the middle of the main aisle on display!
How perfect was that!
Of course I snatched it right off that display and brought it home to Skye. 
My husband told me I was Impulse shopping!!! 
I don't think so....
  I think it was more like Destiny! LOLOL. 


  1. stunning and have lots of old head slides, must have a go at this, not to wear them but on a present would be fabulous TFS
    Hugs Kate xx

  2. Your bow is so lovely,and your daughter looks so sweet wearing it.

  3. Hi, Wow this is just so lovely:) Sandra H

  4. Wow, came out beautifully!!! :-)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I will keep this tutorial for sure to make one for my daughter.

  6. This is so pretty!!! And your are so right ...we know when something is more faith than impulse...Thank you for the tutorial.....I will have to bookmark this so when I get ready to make some bow for my GD I will know how.....thank you...


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