Monday, November 7, 2011

My RRR Decorated Cast & Card

Hello everyone.  Cheryl here with my Really Reasonable Ribbon decorated cast for today....hehehehehe.  Ok most of you know that I've broken my ankle and had surgery.  Well, I was bored and decided to use all Really Reasonable Ribbon to decorate and make roses for my cast and this is what I came up with :)

I also used the Beautiful Lace(Noelle Crochet Lace) that Bonnie carries and used it on the top of the cast and the bottom. I used the green leaves for the vine and then the white double ruffled ribbon for half rosettes for below my handmade roses. I used a few different shades of Satin Pinks found Here!  I also used the satin with grosgrain edge.

Next I added some buttons and brads. I just cut off the shanks with a shank remover. My daughters both helped me add the lace and the green leaves since I couldnt do that by myself. I used the hot glue gun to add everything to my cast.

Next i wanted to share an Easel Card I made.  I also used Really Reasonable Ribbons and lace for this.

On my card I used the Satin Pink across my card and then added 2 bows and 2 handmade roses to my bows. I did another handmade rose using the same ribbon for the flower on the inside. I also used the pink lace across my card you can see it under the sweet Zoe Dress up puppy. I've added some flowers, gems, leaves, border punch, and some inky dinky drops in pink.

Thank you for looking and have a lovely day!!


  1. Your cast is so pretty, looks like an embroidered sock! I bet you get lots of attention and nice comments re the cast. Hope you are feeling better and able to get around a bit.
    Love the rose ribbon bows on your card, and the little dog is sweet too.
    Stamping Hugs,
    aka celticrafter

  2. You have the lovliest leg in town...very pretty indeed...and a gorgeous, stunning, the image cute...hope you are on the mend, and dont get too bored...goodness knows what you might decorate

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. WAUW you really have the most awesome leg ever seen, and I´m sure any girl will be jealous on you now ha ha ha. I love, what you´ve done to it here ha ha ha. Your card is also just absolutely gorgeous work, and I love every detail on it with all the cute lace and bows and stuff. Sooo girly and cute. Just really love it.

  4. You're going to have everyone want a cast! It looks gorgeous.

  5. Oh my word! You are so talented!! I LOVE your pink cast with its beautiful roses and ribbons! What a great way to start my day - with a big smile from your post!

    Have you done a rose tutorial before? I would love to see it.

  6. I have never ever seen a prettier cast!!!! I agree with are going to make EVERYONE want to break something now just so they can have a cast like yours! LOL. Just Beautiful Cheryl!

  7. Oh this is such a pretty cast- I wish I had the choice when I was wearing the air cast forever.
    Hope it heals well and love that you made it so pretty.

    Your easel card is a beauty-love all the pink!

  8. Sorry to hear about your ankle but what a fabulous way to decorate the cast. You could go into business here, lol, x

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle but that has to be the most fantastic cast I've ever seen! Y'll did a great job decorating it!

  10. Great projects and I've never seen such a beautiful cast!

  11. I sent a picture of your gorgeous cast to my sister who has a surgery coming up! Nothing like a good positive spin to a somewhat negative situation. Hope it lessens the pain, as well:)
    Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

  12. Hi Wow what great projects:) Sandra H

  13. Wow Cheryl, now THAT is a new way to take creativity to another level! Your cast is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your pretty little card too!

  14. How clever!!!! And so Beautiful!!!!...This will be the next trend from sure!! Girl you got to much time on your hands.....but ....hey when you come of with things like need to have more time.....awesome job.....

  15. Cute cast and card. What a great idea to help brighten a bothersome event!

  16. Ok Cheryl I posted a pic of your cast and a link here......Thank you for letting me post this....I have a niece that would love to do this to her leg....she has a purple cast.....and 14 yrs old...

  17. sorry about your ankle but your leg looks good, what a great Idea if you have a mis-hap. and your card is lovely oh so lovely. I got an order from you today it was great and fast to. thanks

  18. OMMGGGG... I absolutely love the idea of you decorating your cast!
    who said cast needs to be white and boring?!?! lol

    you are looking very posh!! awesome idea!!

    and you card is stunning!! love it



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