Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I have a Confession:

I am not one that usually makes Christmas cards.
Heck, I don't even buy Christmas cards.
I just don't send them.
I have so many things on my "To-Do" list every year that
I completely forget to send out cards, so I just quit doing it years ago.

This year, however, I have a much tighter budget and I thought I would give this Christmas Card thing one more shot.  I wanted to make a card that could easily be duplicated by my kids, so that they could help.  I also wanted it to look elegant without being too bulky to send in the mail. 

I found some pipe cleaners last year at the Dollar Store that look like pine garland.  I decided to use them to make a mini wreath to go on the front of the cards and just add one big red bow to it.  I used shimmer satin red ribbon for my bow and just a simple generic greeting.
Here is what I came up with:

This was so easy, that my 6 year old even made a few!
Now, I can't WAIT to get them sent out!

Thanks for stopping by today!  
Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. loved the idea of making wreath out of pipe cleaner.very creative.

  2. Hi, Well i would love to see more of your cards if they turn out like this one its beautiful!!:) Sandra H

  3. Very cute, and nice quick assemble.

  4. Very creative and clever - they will certainly be appreciated by those who receive them.

  5. I think this is very creative and yes it looks elegant.
    You are now an official Christmas card person-welcome to the ranks!

  6. hmmm keeping my eye out for that pip cleaner, it's perfect for making the wreath, and by topping it off with that cute little bow makes it adorable!

  7. This is I got to find those pipe cleaner.....awesome idea and awesome creations...

  8. Beautiful card, I can't imagine not making Christmas cards those are my favorites!!

  9. Beautiful card, and im sure everyone who receives them will LOVE them, i know i would!!!!
    Love the wreath and love the ribbon you used :)


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