Friday, November 25, 2011

Gift Giving from the Heart

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Well,  today is "Black Friday"...the busiest shopping day of the year.
I used to do the Black Friday thing, but I no longer enjoy fighting the crowded stores and the crazy drivers in the streets just to get a good bargain.  
Giving the perfect gift is just so much MORE than that to me.
 I have gotten more into 
"Gifts from the Heart" rather than the stores.
If I had it my way, I would completely De-commercialize Christmas and demand handmade gifts.
Unfortunately, I can not do that world wide, but I have been successful the last few years in doing it with my own family.  Rather than buying a gift, I have my kids pick
 a person that they want to make a gift for.
When they have chosen the person and decided what they want to make, then we go buy the materials that we need in order to MAKE it. The only guidelines that I give them in helping them decide who and I tell them that it should be a Gift from their own heart.
This year, Skye decided that she wanted to give some clips to her little cousin for Christmas since she always admires the ones that Skye wears.
She picked the ribbon out of my stash from the Really Reasonable Ribbon Store.
(She did have a little bit of help from me picking MATCHING colors...LOL)  

Here is the Flower Clippie Bouquet that I made for my niece...(with a little help from Skye)
The flowers are made out of 3/8 inch ribbon loops, alligator clips and buttons.
They are mounted on dowel rods covered with floral tape and are easily removable for wear!
Skye wanted to model one for all of you today!
This little bouquet will be wrapped up and given to my niece for Christmas.
Hopefully, she will love it as much as Skye does.  

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and blessed!
I would love to hear your ideas about giving Gifts from the Heart!


  1. This is so sweet, love how it is a decoration that can be worn too. Hugs, Hanneke

  2. Lovely gift !Love the cute model!!Thanks for sharing these lovely clips!

  3. Gorgeous! Way better than any store bought gift :)

  4. Gorgeous projects, love the flowers. Can you tell me where you found the tutorial for the tree? Have a fab weekend. Hugs,Moni

  5. Would love to know how you made these. They are super!

  6. How adorable is Skye? She couldn't be any cuter but that clip holder is super cute too! Her cousin sure is lucky!

  7. I would love specific instructions too. These are adorable!!!!

  8. Tutorial will come soon. :) I am certainly making more of these....just didn't want to do a tute with the first I needed to figure it out for myself first! Moni...I didn't follow a tutorial...I designed this myself, so I will provide a tutorial for you all soon!


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