Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Best Wishes

Hello, again everyone! It is Gloria with you again! I had a bit of fun with the hot, tropical, June Ribbon Club - Jungle Fun Assortment! 

I was going to put this ribbon assortment away, but then I decided that I would make one more card with it before I moved on to the July Ribbon Club. I had a few short bits of the Watermelon Delicate Stitched Satin and the Toucan on White Satin that were not long enough to make a bow, but too long to feel good about tossing in the trash. I really don't like keeping every bit and scrap because I have so much ribbon! But I do hate to toss those 6"-10" bits!

I also had on my desk two cards that I had made a long time ago using some paper strips. I thought...hey, why not remake one of those cards, but using ribbon instead of strips of paper?!?

I created a 5" x 6" card from black cardstock. Then, I cut a piece of kraft cardstock to slightly smaller than 5" x 5" and added some Scor-tape to the back so that I could wrap short lengths of ribbon around the cardstock panel and secure them. I just alternated the ribbons: Watermelon Delicate Stitched Satin, Toucan on White Satin, Turftan Taffeta, Iguana on Branch White SatinWatermelon Delicate Stitched Satin, Yellow Gold PlaidToucan on White Satin, and Moss Plaid. (And I wish I had eliminated the brown ribbon, but, oh well.)

Once all the ribbon was attached, I added more Scor-tape and attached the whole panel to the card front. I then cut another piece of the kraft cardstock to slightly smaller than 1" x 5" and stamped the sentiment with black ink onto the left edge. 
I created a bow from the Moss Plaid and added lots of flowers (see list of flowers below). The leaves are hand colored with water-based markers! I used the White Paper Leaves and colorized them! To color the leaves, I first spritzed each leaf with a bit of water. Then I scribbled on them with various water markers. Once I had lots of color, I used a water brush to smoosh the color around. I dried the leaves with a heat tool. 
I finished the card by adding a few enamel dots here and there. I think this a great way to use leftover bits of ribbon! 

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  1. I love this idea, Gloria, and I hope you don't me using it for the October Blog Hop. It's such a great way to show the Ribbon Club Assortment.


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