Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"WILD" about hair clippies!

Good morning to all of you!
What a wonderful day here in Texas!  I think the rain may have stopped for a minute...MAYBE...
and we may be able to head out to our local waterpark today.  YAY!
However...as implied, it has been super rainy here lately...
and I have been super busy making hair accessories for a bunch of little girlies. 

My niece is just WILD about m hair clippies, so I decided to make a set for her for her upcoming Birthday.  I LOVE the animal print ribbons that Bonnie has in the RRR Store...they are AWESOME!
SO, here is the set of clippies that I made for my niece using the ribbon and alligator clips...

And here is my step by step tutorial on how you can make your own 
set of WILD hair clippies!!

I sure hope you have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!!
And maybe get WILD about some ribbon today!!
As always, if you have questions...just ask! 
Thanks for stopping by and visiting us today!


  1. Awesome clippies! Your niece will LOVE them. They look so easy to make too.

  2. Adorable. I'm going to need to make a few of these for my great nieces.


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