Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Flip Flop Fun!

Hi everyone.  Can you believe it's the end of July already??  It doesn't seem possible, but we do still have another whole month of summer fun here on the east coast before school is back in swing.  Why not make a fun pair of ribbon flip flops for your favorite little girl?  This set features our July Ribbon Club assortment and today is the very last day to join the Really Reasonable Ribbon Club and get this assortment as your first shipment.

All you need to make these fun flip flops is a pair of flip flops, the July Ribbon Club Assortment or other Really Reasonable Ribbon of your choice, fray check or pinking sheers and a little all purpose glue.  I used approximately 16 yards of ribbon on the pair shown (the entire contents of the July Ribbon Club assortment), but I made the ribbons really tight together around the flip flop strap  - mainly because I got a little carried away when I was precutting pieces and had way more than I needed.  I think you could get away with 12-14 yards of ribbon and fewer pieces.  You can also conserve ribbon if you don't pre-cut the pieces and just work off the ribbon length that you have.   I do find that it goes quicker if you have the pieces pre-cut and you can just grab and tie them one after the other.

I precut my pieces at 6" each and set them up in the order that I wanted to use them.  I used a total of 8 different ribbon styles in 5/8" and 3/8" widths.  I cut a total of six 6" pieces of each style.  These are the ribbons found in the July Ribbon Club assortment.  If you made your pre-cut pieces 6" long you could make these flip flops with the contents of the montly ribbon club assortment (16 yards total).

All you need to do is take each piece of ribbon and tie it around the flip flop and double knot it.  When you are done you will need to trim each ribbon to the desired length with scissors or pinking sheers.  I cut about one inch from the knot.  If you use pinking sheers, that will minimize the fraying of the ribbon.  If you use regular scissors, I suggest using fray check on all the ribbon ends.  I also ran a length of 3/8" yellow floral satin around the base of the shoe and glued it down with Helmar Quick-Dry adhsive.

As I said before, I got a little carried away cutting strips so I thought I would try adding some to a 1/4" headband.  It's kind of cute, huh?  This is the same wrapped headband I showed for the July Blog Hop and you can find instructions on how to wrap the headband HERE.  I then just tied on several 6" ribbon pieces the same way I did for the flip flops.  Now we have a fun hair accessory to match the flop flops.  :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 


  1. Oh my goodness! How fun those flip flops are! The headband is adorable!

  2. Very cute, love those colors!!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. I love these!! I have been wanting to get some of this ribbon when I saw Dawn make the gloves. This just is so adorablr, I think I need to shop, thank you Kathy.

  4. What a fabulous idea...my granddaughter would love a pair of these....now to get the ribbon...thank you so much for sharing.....

  5. Those flip flops are so clever. You could make them to match any outfit! I love em : )


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