Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Pappy Pinwheels...

               Helllllllllo there!  Happy almost 4th of July!  Cherry here today to share a fun Summer project using the Scor-pal buddy.   First off I just have to say I am having so much fun with this little dandy!  It makes it so easy to create perfect folds.  My idea started off with deciding I wanted to try out making some home-made pinwheels.  I have seen such sweet ones here and there and finally decided it was time to create some of my own.  I off course ended up making a pocket for all my goodies...it just always seems to happen that way. 
                                As you can see my first photo shows a couple of pattern pieces...I cut mine into 3 x 3's.  I wanted smaller pinwheels because I decided I wanted them used as tags to top off on presents or a package.  I double layered my squares using scor-tape so they were sturdy and had pattern on both sides.  I than inked them around all the edges and than sat each square on the scor-buddy at a diagonal and scored corner to corner.  This creates 4 "triangles" on each square piece.  From there you simply cut in on each corner using scissors approximately 3/4's of the way.  The scored line from the scor-buddy  makes it easy to cut a straight line.  After you are done with that you fold each alternating corner towards the middle of the square.  I scored these lines as well to get a nice fold.   Once I was done I simply used a bit of hot glue to keep in place.  EAsy PAsy!  NOW...you are ready to add some personality to them!  I used some felt flowers, big red chunky buttons threaded with light blue jute, crochet flowers..whatever suits your fancy.  I topped them off with red seam binding and little mini tags.  I added some lolli-pop sticks to the back side. 
                                        As I said I couldn't stop there....I stitched up a pocket using matching papers and decided to use one of my pinwheels as center stage on the pocket.  I wrapped some yummy chevron twill in light blue around the pocket and made a double bow.  I wanted to add some more texture to the bottom and so I added some Camille crochet lace and pom pom trim.  I also  made a matching card and  simple little bicycle tag using more red seam bindings as well as some bakers twine.  I am calling it a happy pappy pocket with happy pappy pinwheels...why??? I don't know...I just like the name and I just like saying it!  Works for me..lol.....anyways..I hope you enjoy!  hugs, cherry


  1. THANKS for the pictorial. This exactly what I was looking for and prefer photos rather than a video. Thanks again! I am going to make some of these today!

    Stay Creative,
    Carson's Creations

  2. What a fun project Cherry! I love the little pinwheels. I'm going to have to try making them. :)

  3. HOLY WOW. Gorgeous!!!!

  4. I love pin wheels Cherry, yours are adorable! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Gorgeous Cherry. Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial with us. I have wanted to make these for a while and now I can. Have a wonderful day Cherry. Gloria

    Visit my blog. I would love more followers.

  6. Love these pin wheels. Thanks for showing us how to make them.

  7. fabulous, awesome tutorial


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