Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RRR August Blog Hop

Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing Blog Hop here at the Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings Blog! 

For all of our challenge lovers, be sure to stop back on the 15th when we post our next challenge. New challenges are posted on the 1st and 15th of each month. We would love to have you join in. 

 Today you will see some great projects using our August Ribbon Club Assortment from our very talented design team. They always come up with some super ideas. 

Isn't this assortment great??  It contains 9 styles and a total of 17 yards.  If you aren't already a ribbon club member, why not join us today!  You will get a fun new ribbon assortment shipped automatically each month.

Now let's get hopping and see what our fabulous design team has created this month!

Here is our blog hop list.  If you get lost along the way, hop on back here and we'll get you back on track.
NOTE: Due to blogger issues if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you may have trouble with certain blogs. If you run into a blog you cannot view, or a forward link that is mis-behaving, please head back here to move to the next stop on the blog hop or try viewing using Google Chrome. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings

Now, be sure to leave some love at all the stops along the way. Your comments are most appreciated!

Have you heard??  
Really Reasonable Ribbon is now carrying a large variety of beautiful mulberry flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts.  
Stop by and take a look today!

At the end of the hop, comment on this post answering the question below for a chance to win our August Ribbon Club assortment shown below.

You will also find an additional giveaway this month as you head through the Blog Hop.  
Heather is giving away the digital collage sheet that she designed shown below.  She will be pulling her winner from the comments left on her blog post.  You will find more information about Heather's designs on her blog.

This sheet pairs very nicely with our August Assortment as you will see from her projects.

I also saw at least one other giveaway as I went through the hop, so be sure to take a look around the blogs when you visit and leave them some love.  All comments are very much appreciated.

Our question of the month is:

What motivates you to leave a comment on a blog post (besides the obvious giveaways)?

The reason I ask is I'm always curious as to why a blog can get loads of steady traffic, yet hardly any comments.  I'm not being critical as I do it too - fly in, take a look at the gorgeous projects and then I'm off to the next.  I realize the big thing is that it takes time to stop and comment.  
I am trying to be a better blog visitor now because I realize how very important feedback is to a blogger.  It lets them know that they are on the right track.  SO, even if you don't comment every time you visit your favorite blogs, if you see something that really speaks to you, take a second and let them know.  It helps for them to know what readers like and what to plan for future posts.  (Just sayin' - lol)

Our winner will be selected from the numbered comments on this post on Friday, 8/16 using random.org. 
Be sure to check back on Friday evening to see if you are our lucky winner.

Thanks so much for hopping with us today. We hope you'll stop by and so some shopping at Really Reasonable Ribbon soon. 

Don't forget, we are now carrying a large variety of mulberry flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts.  Get all your favorite ribbons and mulberry flowers in on place!

~Bonnie Garby~


  1. I like to visit blogs to see what other people are creating. Sometimes I can take an idea from one person and put my own twist on it.
    stamping sue

  2. I comment to say thanks for visiting my blog and to thank bloggers for sharing their beautiful creations. I stopped by RRR because I needed some beautiful ribbons. This is the best place to shop!

  3. I will be honest. Most of my comments are for the contests. I also tend to comment on blogs where someone has added a bit of personal info or trouble they are going through. I like to wish people a happy birthday or anniversary, even when I don't really know them. Or if they are facing a personal struggle, I sometimes share a similar struggle I've had, especially if it turns out ok in the end. To be honest, also, I have a feeling that most of my comments are not actually read by the bloggers, and that bloggers are just looking for the high numbers. For example, if the comments number over a hundred, I can't imagine most people take time to read them all. Am I wrong?

  4. I have to jump in a comment in response to the comment above. I for one read each and every comment and I really feel like most people do. I have my comments set to come to me via email and I read and appreciate each one. I wish I had time to respond to each one too, but with running the business, I find I just can't do it.

  5. what makes me leave a comment. I leave one because the creations are beautiful. And I know it makes someones day I know it does for me.

  6. Great blog hop!
    If there is not a giveaway, I leave comments because I really, really like what I see, or because that person is nice to me and comments in my blog and I value her/his interest on me, or because I see the person needs an encouraging word, or it encouraged me what the other person just wrote. I don´t write in every post, it takes to much time and normally don´t have it. It's sad, because all of us need to hear that people like what we do or say.
    Ardilla :)

  7. I leave a comment when a creation is just too beautiful not to say something! I also respond and leave comments for the folks nice enough to leave me one! The only time I don't is when I'm short on time,which is often,sadly. I know I have regular readers that never comment,but that's ok, too. some folks don't want to interact necessarily. I was like that for years before I started my own blog.

    Great hop,by the way! Loved looking at everyone's projects!

  8. Great ribbon colors! I leave comments 80% of the time, in hopes of getting comments in return. If I never get comments in return I will eventually stop leaving them. And I think leaving comments makes the other person happy. Carri~Abusybee

  9. I'm motivated to leave a comment if I know the person, if there is no word verification to slow me down, and if I love the project displayed.

  10. as a person with a disability, it's difficult and painful to regularly type comments, but i do what i can do. also, if it's a choice between expending my time and energy on commenting or creating, guess what i choose? :))

  11. I like to visit blogs to get inspiration for new techniques (love the contests, too!). Tutorials on blogs are always very helpful! Thanks for a fun blog hop today. Everyone did beautiful work!

  12. I love your blog above all others and I don't mind telling y'all that. I love the creations others make, such talented people out there!!
    When I make a comment, it is because I have seen something exceptional. For instance, the lovely ribbon we received this month! I love, love, love it!!
    Always look forward to your blog!

  13. I could not get Google to work right as I had to sign in. I just wrote #12, and my name is:
    Carolyn Hawkins

    Darn this will go under anonymous again, sorry!!

  14. When I make a comment, it is because I see something that catches my eye and I want to let them know. Great hop and lovely creations by all!!

  15. It's over already? This was an absolutely wonderful blog hop. No problem with links, no prove you're not a robot and each project was fantastic! A round of applause for your DT!
    Other than for hops or certain friends, I generally leave blog comments when something in the card or project is particularly striking or informative. If I sit at the computer with my mouth open in awe, I find I just have to comment. And I like to leave specific comments so the person knows what I found appealing.
    Once again, Thank you to all.

  16. I comment to let the person know how much I appreciate them sharing their creation with us, and to let them know what I liked about what they created. I know I love to hear what people think of things I've made.

  17. I love the August ribbons. You've used them so well

  18. Bonnie, I really should have left a comment after viewing the headband tutorial. These are so perfect and will make great gifts!

  19. Finished the hop. I leave comments when a project "speaks to me".

  20. wow what an Amazing Hop all the cards and projects are the best and i loved each one. thanks for sharing your Awesome hop with us all. I have so many Ideas and I love love the ribbons.

  21. If I have time, (as I work 32 hours /week and commute at least 10-12 hours/week), I try to leave comments on most blogs I visit. Sometimes, I am too tired to think of something that sounds good and makes sense :) Some weeks, I just don't have the extra time. I do like prizes too :)

  22. Sometimes I don't have time to leave comments but if it is a project that I think I am going to CASE then I try to take time to comment.

  23. I have started following a lot of blogs that I found through hops. Mostly because the work is awesome. I love to let people know what I think of their work.

  24. From Rebecca Ednie:
    I leave comments when I feel I've particularly benefitted from a project's tutorial or the info in a blog post, when I really love a project or, as today, I've been asked a question I care to answer. I can't resist when I'm asked my opinion! So if you want more comments, ask questions!

  25. I forgot to answer the Question I love the hops because of all the Ideas and the Techniques. Its awesome that we have this because sometimes you need a jump start on your on projects. thanks for the Awesome hop.


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