Thursday, August 8, 2013

Just Roll With It! By Jenn Cochran

Hi Jenn Cochran from Jax Bean Stalks here!  August 8th ALREADY!!!  I cannot believe how fast summer has flown by!  My little buddy starts school this Monday.  I have so much to do...  School supplies is just one of many.  So I just have to tell myself "Just Roll with it". 

I just love this Sheer Cherries ribbon.  It matched the color scheme perfect for my card.  The "Roll With It" mini stamp set from SP and Company Stamps.

Sheer Cherries ribbon is so easy to make several loops for your bow.  It really makes the cherries stand out!  

Sheer Cherries also comes in several different colors.  You can buy an assortment pack to try them all out.

By putting a line of glue or tape along where you want your ribbon and then fold the ribbon accordion style I achieved this look in the photo below.  Gives lots of interest and a great 3D element for my card.

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  1. What a fun card Jenn and I love the pleated ribbon!

  2. How cute is that!!!! Love the ribbon.

  3. This cherry ribbon is just perfect for this sweet card!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

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