Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ribbon Wreath

Well, I did do a video tutorial for the woven headbands,
 but I can't seem to get it to load.  
As I work out the bugs, I am going to leave you with this simple tutorial for a
 SUPER CUTE ribbon Wreath!
So, this summer, I did a little bit of sprucing up in my daughters' room.  It went from Disney princess to Pink and Brown Patterns.  I was able to keep the paint the same since it was pink, but I did change out curtains, comforters, and a few minor other things to remove any trace of Disney Princess...as my two girls are growing up! 
One thing I wanted to do to "Mark their Territory" was to put a wreath on the outside of their bedroom door.  I had seen many ideas, but the one that I liked the most, and the one the girls AGREED on was the pink and brown ribbon wreath...

It was so easy, the girls could do it them selves!  
Actually, they DID tie on a few of the ribbons themselves!

For this wreath, all you need is
 a wire floral wreath
Lots of ribbon scraps cut in 6-8 inch lengths

I used a huge variety of pinks, browns, creams, and tans in all different sizes and styles possible.

Once I had a substantial amount of ribbons pre-cut, it was time to start tying them to the wreath base. 
All I did is double knot the ribbons and go on to the next one...
Keep adding and tying and trimming ribbons, filing up your wire wreath and filling in bare spots.

When you are done you will have a complete wreath made of ribbons!
I did not heat seal the ends, because I wanted the frayed look.
You can seal them, however, if you choose to.  

When I was done, I wanted to add the sign 
"No Boys"
I used a wooden plaque that I have had stashed away for YEARS.
I added some  foam thickers, buttons, a rose and some twin to it to spruce it up a bit. 

Now, it hangs proudly on the door to my daughters' bedroom!

Some of the ribbons I used in this wreath are:

I am sure there are many other sizes, styles, and patterns...but you get the idea.
I just used a bunch of ribbon scraps and created a gorgeous decoration for my home!

Thanks for visiting us!  
Have a great day!


  1. Cute wreath!

  2. Hi Great tutuorial and what an ending this wreath is fabulous:) Sandra H

  3. This is so pretty!!! I love all the variety of ribbons....but I'm such a ribbon hoarder that it would be really hard to use all those ribbon....I bet this would look really pretty done up in Christmas ribbons.....great idea...tfs


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