Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthday Girl!

No, today is not my littlest one's birthday, but it is very soon! 
 Next Thursday as a matter of fact!  
She will be six years old...and of course...all six year old girls still think they are a "Princess" right?
(Well, I am not going to be the one to burst her fantasy bubble, so I nurture the childhood dreams of "Princess~hood"  LOL.)
In honor of her birthday,I made her a birthday pin to wear all day long to tell the world that it is HER DAY!

I used:

Notice ALL the ribbon I used is inch and a half width?
I did this to show you all how you can use your wider width ribbons.
When Bonnie asked what sizes everyone used, I could not believe that so few of you use the larger sizes! Those are my FAVORITES! lol
(Actually, I do not discriminate against ribbon...I love it all!) 

I also used thickers and a cute little cupcake chipboard piece from Little Yellow Bicycle...which just so happened to match her birthday outfit PERFECTLY!!!

Here is an up-close of the bow layers...

And here she is wearing her complete "Birthday Ensemble"!

After modeling this for me, she was all giddy and giggly saying...
"I can't WAIT for my birthday now!"

She is certain to be the "Princess" on her special day, 
and wearing this beautiful pin, she will FEEL like a princess!

I hope I have inspired you all to USE those larger size ribbons!
They are so fun and so versatile...and quite honestly,
you just can't go wrong!

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  1. Your baby and her get up are too cute!

  2. LOL..I think you are the enabler have created a princess monster, hee hee...don't forget this when she is 16....:)

  3. She is so cute and love your project:) Sandra H

  4. LOL @ Sandee...I "may" have a little bit to do with her "Princess complex"...just maybe ;)


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