Monday, August 8, 2011

Great ideas with baker's twine and jute - Erin Reed GDT

My name is Erin Reed and I was thrilled to be the GDT for RRR, it made my month!!  When I saw the selection they had on the baker's twine and all the colors and width's of their jute I had to have it all.  I think I got every color they had in both of these types of trim!!

For this first LO I used the 1.5" jute ribbon in the natural color.  I used it as a "peak-a-boo" under my paper and also as a trim under the mat of my photo. The pic is of my youngest son.  I loved the way his eyes looked in this picture, so I had to scrap it.  I love flowers and swirls, but to add a masculine touch I love the look of the "burlap" jute peaking out to rough the LO up a bit.

This is really easy to do, and i hope you try it out!!
1. Either cut your ribbon in half or leave it intact.   It depends on how much of it will show peaking out under the paper.  I used it both ways

 2. Fold back sections of you paper to create a "V" or a "peak-a-boo" opening on your project
 3. Tape your ribbon to the background paper with regular clear tape.  Be sure to put the tape low enough so it does not show through in your "peak-a-boo" opening.  You can see here I did not use the ribbon all the way around the LO, I just placed it where it would peak out from under the paper.  To do this I had to line it up under the top paper before gluing it down, then tape the ribbon.

 4.  Glue the top layer of paper over your ribbon. so just a little peaks out from under your pulled back "V" or "peak-a-boo" sections. It really gives a fun frayed or rough look to a project.

For this next LO I used the a different jute ribbon, the 5/8" ribbon in natural color as a layered trim at the bottom of the LO.  I also used the red baker's twine in the center of the buttons.

To help match the colors of the baker's twine better to the LO, I used a little bit of light brown ink to color the white of the twine to a light brown color.  I then frayed the ends of the twine after tying the knot on the button.

 In my last LO I used 3 different colors of baker's twine (red, blue, and yellow) as bows on top or underneath the buttons, to hold two buttons together, or to wrap a cut out circle. The twine really added a fun finished look on the all the circles in this page.


 I hope you try some of these fun techniques out for yourself!!  It was a blast and a real treat to be your GDT today!!  Come by and check out my blog (Scraps of Reflections).  I created a few other projects with some of the goodies I got here at RRR.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!!

Erin R.


  1. What a great creation:) Sandra H

  2. What great layouts Erin! I love the great look you achieved with the jute. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I'm so glad you guest designed for us today at RRR. :)


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