Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun & Funky Flip Flops

I am so excited to be posting my very first "Official" post for the RRR Design Team!  I was truly honored and soooooo excited when I got the invitation from Bonnie to join this team!  
When I got my first packet full of ribbon, I did a little dance and "Got jiggy with it" in my kitchen!  My daughters were looking at me like I had LOST. MY. MIND.  And I probably did momentarily.  LOL. 
Ribbon is one of my great loves...and all that beautiful ribbon in one envelope made me feel like a little girl again.  Almost everything I create has a touch of ribbon, trim, or lace somewhere on it.  My mind began racing with thoughts of how I would use all this beautiful ribbon!

One of my favorite projects that I do for my girls every summer is to
 "funkify" their flip flops and make them something that a girl would proudly wear.  Living in Texas, we have a summer that lasts about 9 months...seriously!    We can wear flip flops from March to November in most cases.  So needless to say, flip flops are a very common thing in our area, and EVERYONE wears them.   I like to make ours unique and something that not everyone else has,  so I add ribbon.
It is an easy thing to do, and takes about half an hour to do both flip flops...maybe a bit more if it is your first time.  I have prepared a super simple tutorial for you if you would like to create your own "Funky Flip Flops" this summer! 

First, you will gather your supplies:
Flip Flops
Mod Podge with sponge applicator
Fabric glue (or hot glue will work)
Glue Gun

I buy my flip flops at Hobby Lobby.  Just the plain ones that are $1.59 a pair.  The girls like them and they are thick enough in the sole to be comfortable.  

The first thing that I do is to line the edges of the soles with a 3/8 inch patterned ribbon. Here,  used Linedots Grosgrain Black/White to line these flip flops.  I use my sponge applicator and Mod Podge to adhere the ribbon to the sole.  I first put a good base coat of the Mod Podge on the flip flop, then I stick the ribbon to it, being careful to keep it lined straight.   The Mod Podge acts as the glue and it will secure the ribbon tightly to the flip flop.  You need to remember that the flip flop is porous and will soak up a bit of the first coat, so use a pretty thick base coat.  I also will put a dab of hot glue every couple of inches along the way and at the seam.

Once I get both flip flops lined with the ribbon, I let it dry for about 15 minutes.  Once it is dry, I add a second coat of the Mod Podge over the top of the ribbon.  It seals in the edges and helps to seal out the moisture.  This actually works REALLY WELL.  You can see the bottom flip flop is still drying in this photo: 

Next, I prepare my ribbons.  I chose the 3/8 Linedots Grosgrain Black/White,  7/8 Circus Dots Grograin Black, and 7/8 Bright Pink Grosgrain.  I cut them into 6 1/2 inch lengths and "V" cut the ends and heat sealed them with my lighter.  Sealing the ribbon prevents fraying.

Once your ribbons are prepared, you start tying them onto your flip flops.  You will do a double knot on every single ribbon, and try tying in different directions so that the ends face all different ways.  Here is the inside view of the first finished flip flop.  You will notice that none of the knots are tied on the underside of toe straps...only on top.  

Once you finish tying your ribbons onto your flip flops, you are almost done.  Over time, these knots could work loose and you will loose ribbons.  To prevent that from happening, you will want to use your fabric glue to secure the knots. (Hot glue will also work here).   You remember the old saying "A Little Dab'll Do Ya" ...well, that is true in this case.  You just want to put a little dab on the underside of each of the knots that you tied.  If you can squeeze it into the center of the knot, that is even better.  This will bind the fabric of the ribbon and keep it from untying.  

Once you have dabbed each and every knot, then you are DONE!  See!  I told you it was a super simple tutorial!
At this point, you can bling them up, add buttons or any other embellishment...but for this tutorial, I left them just like this.  And I LOVE them!  More importantly, my daughter loved them!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today.  My daughters ADORE their many pairs of "Funky Flip Flops" every summer.  I have to get to work on a blue/green/purple pair for my 10 year old now! ...And then....accessories!!!  YAY!  lol  
Have a Fantastic Day!


  1. hiya , omg these are adorable , in ireland we just grab any chance we can to wear these kind of shoes so i will def be trying this out for my granddaughter and my nieces too x tfs

  2. How cute!!! What a fun project, I'm gonna hafta try this!!!

  3. Great gift idea!! Super cute!

  4. Oh my goodness!! How adorable are these! What FUN!! Gonna have to make soem for my DD!! :)

  5. I have got to make some of these for my granddaughters and nieces! They are so fun!!!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. What fun flip flops, I bet all their friends want a pair too! Neat idea!

  7. So cute and fun. I need to make some to wear to school on spirit days. :)

  8. Super cute flops! I think I'll try some of these, too. :)

  9. Oh how stinkin" cute!!!!
    I bet your girls love 'em! :)

    True :D

    PS...Great tutorial too! :)


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