Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today Is A Special Day! :)

Hi Everyone!
True :D here.

Today is a very special day here @ Really Reasonable Ribbon!
It's our sweet Bonnie's birthday!
(Bet ya thought I was gonna say "Mother's Day")

I stole that picture off of Facebook. I think she'll be surprised to see it here! Tehehehe!

All of the girls from her design team, past and present, would like to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY because we just love her to pieces!
Bonnie is the nicest, most generous person that any designer could ever hope to work for and we all think she is pretty darn special!

Happy Birthday
Dear Friend!

And...Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Please feel free to add your birthday greetings to Bonnie by way of commenting! ;)

True ;D


  1. Bonnie I hope you have an AWESOME Birthday sweetie you deserve it!!! Relax and let everyone wait on you :) Enjoy your day, we love ya!!!
    Sending hugs your way!

  2. Oooo I LOVE the Pic tooo, True you are tooo silly, but wonderful!!!

  3. OMG Bonnie, look at you! Way to go True for stealing this pic!! WooHOO! SAil on girl! Hope you birthday is filled with freedom and surprise, much like this picture makes you feel! LOL

  4. Look at that picture. Go Bonnie Go! Sending Hugs your way. Have a Very Happy & Blessed Birthday!

  5. How the heck did you get that picture; I didn't even think Bonnie was on Facebook....maybe Dan or one of the kids? It's appropriate that there is a lighthouse in the background, that's for sure! Happy birthday my good friend Bonnie. NOW it makes more sense that you're doing what you're doing today (and you won't see this until tomorrow if you follow through with your promise to yourself). We must do our usual birthday lunch this week or next at the very latest. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  6. Happy Birthday Bonnie! Enjoy every minute of your day off!

  7. AWWW what a GREAT picture!!!!!! Bonnie I hope you have the BEST Birthday EVER!!!!! Happy Birthday sweetie!!!!!

  8. Happy birthday Bonnie- you are a wonderful person and i hope your day is as special as you are.
    blessings to you, Dawn ll

  9. What a fantastic photo!!!! I hope your Birthday is AWESOME!!!! And whatever it is you are doing today, I hope all the people you love most in the world are sharing your day with you!!! Happy Birthday AND Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! I hope your day is everything you want and MORE!! :) Hugs!!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Bonnie!! I hope you had a marvelous day, sweetie!!! Best wishes in every way!!! Hugs..Jacque

  12. Happy belated birthday wishes!


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