Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bows and More....

Ain't that what RIBBON is for?????


Yes it is!  

Today, I want to share with you a little bow that I made
...again for my muchkin...
I tend to use a LOT of ribbon when I make these bows..,
but you have to admit...it sure makes for an amazing 
final product! 

I used:
3/8  AND 7/8 inch animal Grosgrain Zebra
7/8 Zebra with pink hearts
3/8 inch pink/navy striped grosgrain
5/8 pink grosgrain w/black dots
1 1/2 inch pink grosgrain
and I did use a 3/8 sheer pink ribbon with hearts BUT
it must have been super popular!  
I would recommend this one for a replacement if you wanted to try to replicate this bow...
3/8 inch pink grosgrain with linehearts

And here is a little sneak of the matching clippie I did with it.....
But you will have to wait for that (wink wink) because I feel a tutorial coming on!!!

Hope you like seeing how I put all of Bonnie's ribbon to good use. 
As soon as I figure out how to video myself making a bow, I will post if for you all! 
Until then...
I will answer ANY questions you may have!
Have a fantastic day!!!!


  1. Love love love love LOVE your bow, Misty!!!

  2. Very clever...I have problems with just one strand of ribbon.... Can't wait for the tutorial..
    My daughter loves it and wants one !!!!

  3. Super fab project. I love the zebra print with the hearts. Sooooo cute. :)

  4. Yeah, but HOW do you make those darn cute bows?! I NEED to know ;-D

  5. Where oh where were you six years ago when Brit was wearing all of these bows!!? Your bows are absolutely beautiful!! :)


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