Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Folded Ribbon Rose Tutorial!

Hello! Connie here, and I have a fun video tutorial for you today for a Folded Ribbon Rose! You can see a picture of the final results in the picture above. These roses were created using some pink stain with grosgrain edge ribbon from May Arts. I then added them to some 30mm snap clips which are also from the Really Reasonable Ribbon store!

Okay, now before you watch the video...I just have to say, this is such an easy way to create a ribbon rose. My 7 year old daughter watched this video once, and the next thing I know she had gone in her room, grabbed a piece of ribbon and created a rose all by herself. So trust me when I say this is really a simple technique with an amazing outcome each time!

Here is the video for the Folded Rose:

As you saw in the video, I also created many other roses with different ribbons from the Really Reasonable Ribbon Store:

- Diamond Satin Lavender Ribbon
- Sheer Organza with Satin Center Fuchsia Ribbon
- Satin Grosgrain Double Edged Ribbon
- Swiss Dots Lemon Ribbon
- Shimmer Red Satin Ribbon
- Orange Grosgrain Ribbon
- 1/5" Fuchsia Wrinkled Ribbon

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial today! Have a wonderful day!

**a quick edit, I got a few comments saying that when they pulled the tab at the end, it kept going and never stopped. I tried a few things and think it has to do with your first fold. When making the first 90 degree fold make sure you have it folded so that the top of the ribbon folds over the bottom and is now facing horizontally to the RIGHT. If it is facing horizontally to the left, it will not stop and you will pull you flower right out. No clue just does! LOL!! :)**



  1. Thank you for an amazing tutorial, beutiful ribbon roses. I hope you have a wonderful day also.
    Suzi x

  2. thanks for the tutorial! I'm definetely going to try that!
    -x- Gea

  3. Such gorgeous roses!
    Thank you so much for the tutorial ♥
    Hugs from Maya

  4. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. hiya , thanks for a great tutorial , will be using this one for sure x

  6. Thanks a lot for an awesome tutorial. It was sooo easy to follow, thanks sooo much for that. All your roses are gorgeous, and I´m just going to try and make some for myself right now.
    And a wonderful day to you too.

  7. EEK, this is awesome, Connie!!! I can't wait to try it!

  8. This is such a fab way to make bows- thanks for sharing

  9. awesome tutorail - i love fast, easy & simple! I just have one question, not sure if i'm pulling the wrong side but it seems like it will keep unravelling whereas in your video it looks like it stops on its own?

  10. Thanks for the great tute Connie. I've always wanted to know how to make these.

  11. fab tutorial - i'm off to have a go now! x

  12. Just made my first ribbon rose with your fantastic video. Thanks so much for sharing your talents!

  13. I just stumbled upon your tutorial and am very interested in learning how to make ribbon roses. However, I have tried over but the ribbon always pulls out completely and never stops... Any suggestions? Does it matter which end you pull? I read the 90 degree note as well as pausing frames in the video, with no luck. Thanks for any suggestions anyone may be able to add.

  14. My comment is identical to Sara's......I read the note, tried different ways to fold and pull and no luck. Is the ribbon supposed to pull tight and stop itself or should I just pull the one end until it get all gathered up and stop pulling before it pulls right through?????

  15. I just cant get this to work. sorry.


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