Friday, November 5, 2010

Recipe Card, Calendar Card & Stand

I have 2 short videos at the bottom of this post on using Liquid Scrap Dots from Really Reasonable Ribbon to make the flowers on my calendar below!

Hello everyone! Today's post is a recipe card, and a stand.

I had hubby make the stand for me so I can give these as gift sets for Christmas this year! I found this stand on Chris's blog and she had found it on someone else's.

On this recipe card I used the Blue Velvet Ribbon , and Diamond Ombre Yellow ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon! I LOVE all of the Ribbons that Bonnie Carries at RRR!! Thank you Bonnie!!
My son has been making us these Wonderful Cookies and let me tell you, they are AWESOME and EASY to make! You will have to try this recipe!!!

Next up is the calendar card for the stand. Now this calendar is for 2011. You just take the months off when done. Then, new yearly calendars can be added.

On this calendar I used the Moss 1" satin with Grosgrain Edge from Really Reasonable Ribbon. Im HOOKED on all of Really Reasonable Ribbon's Satin Ribbon!!!
Here are 2 videos. Both use Liquid Scrap Dots from Really Reasonable Ribbon! YOU WILL LOVE this STUFF! OMGosh, it's the easiest, most wonderful glue to work with. I love using this stuff on all the flowers that I make. I also use it on the flowers I layer from Heartfelt Creations as shown in the picture (above) and video (below).

Bonnie, I will be ordering more!!!! hehehehehe

Video Part 1 Using Liquid Scrap Dots!

Part 2 using Liquid Scrap Dots

Thank you for looking and have a lovely weekend.



  1. Holy FANTASTIC Cheryl. Thank you so so so much for these great tutorials. Off to make some flowers

  2. Love the tips with scrapdots... I have some and never use it.

  3. What a GREAT product! LOVE your videos....both demonstrate how easy the ScrapDots are. I'll definitely be ordering a tube or two. Thanks!

  4. Yowza, Cheryl!! These are all sooo wonderful! I so love your tutorials too...thanks so much!


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