Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby Bow Tutorial

Hello and happy Saturday!  I have a tutorial for you today, and I want you to bear with me because I have a lot of photos!  Some of them aren't the best because my mom was behind the camera LOL!  Love you mom:)  To begin you need a needle, thread, glue gun, Alligator Clip, lighter, scissors, and about 20" of 3/8" ribbon.  I used some super cute Swiss Dots Grosgrain Pink With Brown for this tutorial.

The first step is to line your Alligator Clip with ribbon:  I like to seal the end of my ribbon by moving my lighter across the edge.  This works perfectly to keep it from fraying:)

Add some hot glue to the first couple inches of the ribbon, open your clip and insert the ribbon.  Notice I have the flat side of the clip up.

Add hot glue to the flat part of the clip, and bring the ribbon around to continue lining:

Flip the clip over and glue down the ribbon on the non-flat side:

You can continue and line the inside of that side as well, but I usually just clip my ribbon at this point.  I find that it holds better in fine hair if it's not fully lined:

Now it's time to start on the bow.  Take 9" of ribbon and fold it in half.  Mark the inside of the ribbon with a pencil to show you where the half point is.  I'm sorry I don't have a picture of this.  Then you fold one side of the ribbon in like this:

I fold the end right over my pencil mark.  Do the same to the other side:

Add a couple of stitches to secure:

Now take the middle of the loops and fold them in towards the center as well:

Add some stitches to secure:

Flip the bow over and it should look like this:

Now tie a knot in some ribbon that we will use for the center of the bow:

Hot glue this the knot to the center of your bow:

Now hot glue the bow onto your lined Alligator Clip on the non-flat side.  Make sure to keep the ends of the knot open like this because we will wrap them around the clip to secure:

Open your clip, take one end, and wrap it around and hot glue to secure.  Then take the other end and wrap it around and hot glue to secure.

Here is your completed bow!  So super cute!!!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!  If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer them:)  Enjoy your Saturday and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!



  1. Great tutorial Kerri. Thanks so much!

  2. oh wow Kerri.. your bow is soooo adorable! thanks so much for the great and easy to understand tutorial, hunny!
    {hugs} Sylvia


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