Friday, August 30, 2019

Swingin' By Triple Easel Card

Hello, Friends!  I thought I'd just swing on by today with a super cute and cheery triple easel card.

With fall peeping around the corner, the squirrels in my back yard have been hustling and bustling around stocking their pantries with acorns.  This inspired me to create a super cute triple easel card with bright cheery, colors.

I found the perfect playmate for this card in 1/2"  Orange, Fuchsia and Lavender Checkered Ribbon. 

This ribbon ties the most beautiful bows!  Loopy burlap string bows match the kraft cardstock base, and lend a nice, woodsy feel to the ribbon cluster. 

My hand made flowers are died to match the ribbon, but you can find some great Wild Orchard Crafts Flowers in the RRR Shop.

I used burlap string a second time to tie these cute miniature acorns on the sentiment panel.  It's just amazing how a little bit of ribbon or fiber can make an embellishment come to life.

This was my first attempt at making a triple easel card.  After a little trial and error, I came up with a method that worked well for me.  So I created a little video tutorial to share with you here today.  This is just for building the triple easel card base, not for adding the card layers or embellishments.  I hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 



  1. What a fabulous triple easel card. Everything about it is fantastic. What a great job you did on this. [Bunny]

    1. Thank you so much, Bunny! It's my first triple easel card...but it won't be my last! So much fun to make!

  2. This is so beautiful and impressive being it is a triple easel card. Wonderful images used to create all the scenery.

    1. Thanks, Verna! I'd never made a triple easel card before, so this was fun! So glad you enjoyed th card!


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