Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Welcome to Winter

Hello, Ribbon Lovers!  Welcome to winter!  Brrr!  While winter has it's own special beauty, it can also be brutal.  So to help you survive the cold, cold season and general misery that winter provides, I've create this cute Winter Survival Kit.

This fun fold card design is a 6" x 6" card with a 5" x 5" card base tucked inside.  I've added 1" spines to both card bases so that I can fit some winter essentials inside.

 Ivory Silky Crush Ribbon glistens like freshly fallen snow and serves as a clever closure for this dimensional card. 

When the ribbon is untied, and the card is fully opened, you'll find a handy dandy winter survival kit tucked inside.

This kit comes with pocket sized tissues, medicated lip balm, and a travel sized moisturizer.  I've added in a tea bag and honey stick to warm you up once you get inside and away from the elements.

Silky Crush Ribbon is the perfect weight and size to serve as the closure for this project.  I  love that it comes in a wide range of colors, too.   

Keep thinking warm thoughts!


  1. How clever and fantastic! What a wonderful idea and your papers and colors are just fantastic. Love all the birds.

  2. What a fun idea. Great use of those beautiful flowers and berries.

  3. I absolutely love this beauty! This is so creative and perfect!! Your creative juices certainly flow. I have hit a brick wall, and this has certainly inspired me.


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