Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Make you own Bow Maker

Hello, my dear crafty friends! Today is my last post as a Guest Designer on the Really Reasonable Ribbon blog and this will be a small tutorial I want to share with  you.
And as ribbons are the main issue of this blog/shop, how about your own portable Bow maker and this time I am pretty sure it's a new and never seen tutorial. Why I am sure about it?  I used  my dental supplies to make it and I am pretty sure about not having so may dentists crafting with ribbons around the web.
So here it is- my Portable Tin Bow Maker for you. Look like a cute altered box? So it is, but wait for the inside of it.

Don't worry- dental supplies are not obligatory, you can use any paper clay or polymer clay to make this tool.
Pick a tin with a lid- can be a recycled one too (I used Making Memories tin, but any mint tin about 3x2'' will do the job.)
Now pick some molding paste (can be bought in any craft shop, but if you have a dentist friend it's even better as our molds smell better and mine has this great grape taste and smell). Make four 3'' wooden pegs from your BBQ wooden sticks or use an old chopstick.  We all have some at home and you will need them during the process and  to use  for your bow making after. Now mix the equal parts of both pastes (all molding pastes have 2 parts to be mixed for a minute or so) , make a rectangle about  3/4'' flat and fill the inside of your tin. 

Now stick 2 of your wooden pieces about 1/2'' from each side (it will give you 2'' ribbon  bow) and another 2 in the middle to make this 1'' bow. Let it dry with sticks inside. Now pull the sticks and your bow maker is done.

Here are some photos to show you how to make a 2'' bow. The box will use those wooden sticks storage and  you don't need to buy any fancy one (anyway, my fancy bow maker was lost  after all).
Please note that the pearl pins are just my add on to make the photos more clear, you don't need to use them during your bow making at all.
First tie the ribbon around the pegs as shown .

 Now take the left   ribbon end (the upper one) under the loop as shown.

Now move the same ribbon above  the loop as shown

This was a moment to take my pins off (as I said you don't even need them) and to make a knot with both free ribbon ends.

Pull the pegs  out of the mold and your bow is made. Trim the ends as wanted and use it as I did to embellish my bow maker box.

Now just take time to embellish your Bow Maker box.
First of all pick some ScoreTape and embellish the lid with Jute  Natural 3/8'' ribbon, cut the edges to fit the tin lid. Add some thin tape around and glue Hemp Cord from Multi Weight set. For my tin lid I used 3 layers of 3/8''width. The bottom was just perfect for one layer of Natural Crochet Lace  trim and I added the same hemp over it.

I  glued a nice flower branch over the lid (Prima) and added my pink bow I made with Swiss Dots Light Coral ribbon.
And as I said- any mold will make the job and if not- try some Paper clay  or some Polymer clay (can be baked with a tin, but don't use Microwave as the tin is metal)
Product list:
Really Reasonable Ribbon:
Tin (Making Memories)
Flowers (Prima)
Other: molding paste, wooden pegs
That's it for this post and for my Guest Designing for Really Reasonable Ribbon shop.
Thanks for great products and this fantastic exposure!
See you again in my blog with more ribbon posts!


  1. This is a GENIUS idea!! WOW! You are so clever, Irit!

  2. Clever idea! Like how you made it fit in the tin so you can take it with you. TFS.

  3. What a pretty and very useful project. Perfect for toting along to classes. Thanks so much for guest designing for us this month at Really Reasonable Ribbon. It was a pleasure to have you!

  4. This is a great idea thank you for sharing it x

  5. What a SUPER IDEA! :) THANKS for showing us!!! :)

  6. What a clever idea, Irit!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Beautiful make and what a creative idea xx

  8. very cute and very frugal love this project.
    ava g

  9. What a fabulous idea, Irit, I will be doing that, sometime soon, now where can I buy some mints, and force my children to eat them, quickly, LOL thanks for sharing this fabulous idea hun xxxx


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