Monday, May 21, 2012

Who says ...?


Who says you shouldn't use ribbon on cards for men and boys?  Not me!  I know ribbon and lace are considered "girly" and therefore not ideal for masculine cards, but there are so many wonderful ribbons here in Bonnie's store that are great for men and boy cards.  You don't need to use them for bows and butterflies - just a peek of folded ribbon as an accent, or a strip of ribbon for demarcating elements on a card, or just for adding another dimension and/or color.   The black ribbon on these cards is from the May Ribbon Club assortment, and the oh-so-cool round CANDi embellishments are also from the RRR shop.  Have you tried them yet?  They're so fun to use.
I missed the Father's Day challenge last week, but am making up for it this week with these 3 masculine card layouts - yes, with ribbon!  I love using simple silhouette images, as the images themselves are a clean, crisp but elegant focal point, and therefore leave a lot of empty space for all the added goodies, like ribbon.  These silhouettes are all free downloads or dingbat fonts.  (If you like silhouettes too, visit the sidebar on my blog for links to some (mostly) free silhouette sites.)

I hope these cards inspire you to use more "manly" ribbon in the future.  Have fun!


  1. Terrific masculine cards Tilly, and the ribbon absolutely works on them! I love the silhouette images you used. They make for a dramatic card with a minimum of effort. Right up my alley!

  2. I always think that we make masculine cards too difficult when we don't need to. A card should reflect who you are giving it to, but since we are the ones making it the card should reflect us too. To me that means ribbon, bling, and glitter are all fair game!! I love these cards by the way, the silouettes are great!!

  3. Tilly, these are sooooo cool!!! Wonderful ideas! I love the orange on that one especially! Beautiful projects!

  4. Wow, and I just love the way you've stepped down the ribbons in the last card! Love the ribbons themselves, too!


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