Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Favorite Combination!!!

Hi! It's Patti, and I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday week-end!! Today I am sharing a combination that has become a favorite of mine lately! I am hooked on using the twill ribbon and the baker's twine together!!! 

On this card I've used the blue twill in the twill assortment and the blue baker's twine in the baker's twin assortment. I also layered it with the Allison crocheted trim. I added a little pin and vintage button and that was it. This is a cute little Birthday card that took hardly any time to create!!!


  1. Wonderful card Patti! I love the way you layered the lace and twill and finished it off with some baker's twine. Great combination!

  2. I really like this card. So eligante. I love the little gal in the flowers. Nice job.

  3. Stunning card! I love the way you mix up the great together! TFS!

  4. Tammy Whitley5/26/12, 11:05 PM

    I love the layering of the twill and the twine. Oooooo that could be a ribbon name twill n twine! It could come already layerd!!! I like that idea! So it you steal it do I get the royalties!!!!! hahahahahahaha!! I do like the layering though. I never layered until I saw how ya'll do it, and I really think it adds a nice "layer" of dimension. The blue colors in this card are just so pretty, so all the colors work together perfect. Am I horrible to say I actually love the ribbons more than the card???? (I like the card but I love the ribbons) I hope not!!!! Love it!!


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