Friday, May 4, 2012

Mothers' Day Wall Hanging

With Mother's Day just around the corner...I have been feeling all nostalgic.
My kiddos are growing up so fast...and I feel like if I blink I will miss something important.
I wanted to create something in honor of my years of motherhood...but all I could think about was that I still have MANY years left!  I am not done!  I still have learning to do and tears to wipe and grades to check up on!  I decided to do a wall hanging instead...

I will put this above my desk to remind me every day what it takes to be a good mom.  
AND to remind me how cute they all once were!  LOL
I used Shimmer Satin Coral for the accent bow and I hot glued a strand to the back of my canvas to act as my hanger. I love how simple this was to create...and how good it looks finished!

Thanks for visiting today!  
Have a Fabulous Weekend everyone! 


  1. That's so pretty! I love the color combo, and I really love that cute photo!!!

  2. I love this and especially the sentiment behind it!!!!! cherry


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