Friday, May 7, 2021

Magical Fairy Wands

Welcome by the RRR Blog today, everyone.  It's Karen Letchworth here today sharing three pretty Fairy Wands I decorated using lots of wonderful trims and bobbits from Really Reasonable Ribbon.  First, I painted some paper mache fairy wands with creamy ivory acrylic paint.  I sprayed them one by one with Krylon Acrylic Spray and dusted them with glitter.  They're difficult to photograph, so I laid them onto an antique Coke crate.  For information on where I got the wands, please visit my blog here.
As I mentioned, these pretty wands weren't the easiest little buggers to photograph because they so long and narrow, you know?  After a few failed attempts with mason jars, etc., I decided to lay a doily in the grass and just set them out for the fairies to come by and grab off my lawn. ?? least I was able to snap a few photos (even if they're not the greatest).  My apologies.  Our girls are grown and well past the days of fairy wands.  These are going to a friend's young girls.  They still play in "fairy land".
I decorated one wand in cream and teal by using lengths of Robin's Egg Wrinkle RibbonIvory Wrinkle RibbonRosemary Natural Lace, Teal Ric-Rac TrimTeal Satin Stitch Ribbon, a Buckle Slide.  I also cut several strips of tulle ribbon and I tied them tightly around the top of each wand.  A bit of hot glue on the back side holds all those tightly-tied ribbons in place.  There are literally dozens of teal/turquoise, etc. ribbons and trims I could have chosen from RRR for these projects.  Every color of every trim of every width, texture, print or can imagine it - we most likely have it at Really Reasonable Ribbon.
There's another wand that's also painted and glittered in cream but is accented in browns.  I again cut and tied several strips of Tulle Ribbon around the wand.  To give it a rustic feel, I also tied in some Rosemary Natural Crochet Lace, some Natural Jute, and some Ivory Wrinkle Ribbon.  In the center of the ribbon, there's a length of Solid Ivory Baker's Twine topped with a Light Mocha Open Rose.  This one has a rustic shabby chic softness to it, and Really Reasonable Ribbon always has the perfect trims and touches for everything.
The third wand was painted cream and sprinkled with pink glitter.  It's adorned with strips of tulle ribbon, and lengths of Rosemary Natural Crochet LaceLight Pink Gingham RibbonIvory Wrinkle RibbonDusty Rose Wrinkle Ribbon, and a White Flatback Pearl tucked inside a pearl Buckle Slide.  There are many great Laces, Ginghams and more for all your projects.
There are always SO many great ribbons, trims and more - just waiting for you at Really Reasonable Ribbon.  You can create something different, something FUN, something inspired by all the great products you'll find when you shop at Really Reasonable Ribbon.  Thanks again for stopping by today, and please visit us often for lots more great inspiration, information and fun.


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