Friday, January 26, 2018

The Beauty of Burlap String

Hello, Friends!  Natural Burlap String is one of my crafting staples!  I rarely make a card that doesn't use it in one way or another.  It's great for threading buttons, adding a little string bow to a bow cluster, or wrapping around a card to create a border.  It adds so much lovely texture to a card that sometimes I like to use it all on its own as I did on this Botanical Tea Birthday Pop Up Card.

This is a 6" x 6" top fold card made with Graphic 45's Botanical Tea Collection.  I love the soft colors and natural images in these papers, so it made sense to create a bow with a rustic, natural feel.  Burlap String comes in a rainbow of colors, but I chose to work with Natural Burlap String.  I love Natural and Ivory Burlap String so much that I buy them by the spool!

The Zutter Bow-it-all Tool makes it super quick an easy to tie these  fluffy, full string bows.   Bonnie has a wonderful YouTube Tutorial showing you how to use natural fibers in your bow making.  You can find it HERE

The inside of this card has a fun pop up gift card holder. 

I did a YouTube tutorial for this quick and easy pop up style card.  You can find that HERE.  It uses different papers, but the process is the same.

Hope I've shared some tips and tricks that you can use in your own crafty adventures!  Thanks for stopping by!


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