Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Angel

Good morning!  Jessie here and it's my turn once again to inspire you and show off some of this gorgeous ribbon from RRR!

I just recently got the Bow-It-All, and let me tell IS as great as you've heard.  I thought my bows weren't too bad before, but now they come out absolutely perfect! The bow I made on this card would never have been as nice without the Bow-It-All because the center would have come out too wide.  I can't wait to make a bunch of fancier bows!

Here's my card, so you can see what I'm talking about...

Can you believe that when I started out I intended for this to be a masculine Christmas card?  Before I added the flowers, I showed it to my hubby and asked him I should add the flowers after telling him who this was for.  He looked at me like I had 2 heads.  

"That's supposed to be a 'man' card?  With the doily, bow and lace?!"

I guess he missed the jeweled  So I added the flowers and officially called it girly!

Here's a tip for you:

When I use wide ribbon to make these embellishments, like I did here with the jade grosgrain, I use a glue gun to make my loops.  I used to use my sewing machine, but I always had a hard time getting my loops the exact same size as the one before it.  As a perfectionist, I prefer my glue gun method and no one is any the wiser since I always top it off with another ribbon, or in this case, lace.

Here's a little pictorial tutorial on how I do these.  Excuse any glare from my  worktable and the bluriness of  a few of the photos.  I was trying to snap pics quickly so my glue didn't dry on me.

My strips of ribbon here measured about 2 3/4" each but you can use whatever length works for you.  Generally, the wider the ribbon the longer your strips need to be to give a good loop.

Place glue at about half way to the edge of your ribbon strip.
Fold over, being careful to press down just the center line.  You don't want your strip to be glued together completely in half.

And this is what it looks like once I glue those strips down.  A train wreck right?!  But once I add that sentiment, you'd never know it.  

Hope you enjoyed this little post, and I hope I have inspired you to you try something that looks way more complicated than it actually is!


  1. So beautiful and thank you for sharing this x

  2. It is sooooo beautiful in every detail, and if no men, then I at least I´m sure any girl will just LOVE it. I think, it´s amazing, that´s for sure.

  3. ahhh; beautiful card. Thanks for the tip on your pretty bow.

  4. This card is both sweet and elegant I love all the texture and the angel is beautiful TFS

  5. Fantastic mesh bow!!! LOVE it!

  6. Such a lovely card! Love the bow treatment!

  7. Beautiful card, Jessie and thanks so much for the glue gun tip. It's genius!

    Snoopy :D


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