Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boot Vase

Good Morning to all you Really Reasonable Ribbon Lovers!
I am so glad you have decided to take a trip over to our blog today! 
I am super excited to share this little project with you today!

My Victorian Boot Vase!

Ladies, this is a REAL boot!  
You can maybe take time to look around thrift stores or yard sales to see what you can find...
I just got lucky and found these in my OWN attic!
I remember my Mom's wedding about 20 years ago, and she wore these boots. 
Back then I thought..,  "That crazy woman done gone and spent money on something that she will never ever use again!"  Well, I have been right thus far...
I decided to alter them and make a vase out of them! 
Here is what it was before I cleaned it and added the ribbons and bling and flowers...

The transformation was so simple! 
I used a Mr Clean Magic eraser to get the yellowed color to go away.
Then, I removed the shoe lace and replaced it with Rose Petal Seam Binding.
I added the Natural Juliet Crochet Lace to the top and sprinkled in some bling for an added touch...and viola!  Instant gorgeousness! 

My Mom will be so excited when she gets this for Mother's Day!  
I think she may have forgotten they were in my attic!  I sure did! LOL

Hey!  Go dig around in your own attic...see what you can find to add a bit of ribbon to to change it and refresh it!  I bet you come out happy in the end!  



  1. WAUW this is soooooooo gorgeous, and I sure bet your mum will be very surprised indeed, when she gets this. I would be over the moon, if I got anything like this for mothers day, that´s for sure.
    What did you use as the vase inside it??? I think an ordinary vase wouldn´t stand very well inside, but don´t really know, but would sure like to know, what you used here? It looks fantastic. I absolutely LOVE it.

  2. What an amazing transformation!! Your mom is going to love this mother's day gift with the personal backstory! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  3. This is wonderful. Your Mom is going to LOVE it!!

  4. I can see why your mom bought the boots, they are gorgeous. What a thoughtful gift! She's going to love it, I'm sure. You did a fantastic job decorating and transforming it. BEAUTIFUL.

  5. Wow- what an incredible find, it is gorgeous with the flowers!

  6. absolutely stunning, what a keepsake!!


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