Monday, March 4, 2013

Hippity Hop!

Easter is on it's way!
Can you believe that in just a few short weeks that elusive Bunny will be making his way through everyone's yard...dropping little "treats" along the way!  
It seems like just yesterday that Big Guy in Red was sneaking into everyone's homes and stealing cookies and milk!  ;) 
I love the holidays because they are the few days a year that my family gets together...but, most of all...I love them because they give me a reason to GET CRAFTY! 
I have a serious ribbon obsession, y'all. 
You know how I know it's bad?
I was browsing through the RRR STORE and found a ribbon assortment that matched the ruffled ribbon that I love so much.  I immediately started planning my Daughter's Easter DECEMBER!  I didn't even have a dress yet!  I just knew what ribbons I wanted, and would worry about finding the dress later! is BAD. 
Most people match ribbons and accessories to their clothing...NOT me...
I match clothing to the ribbons I want to use!  
And for her Easter ensemble, I wanted brights.  Yep...yellow, pink, and orange.  LOVE those colors together!  
Here is her basket that I made: 
I used:
ruffled ribbon in yellow, azalea, sherbert, and orange.
**NOTE...I DID NOT use any of the beads. My original intent WAS to use them, but I loved the basket so much that I just didn't feel like I needed to addd them :) 

Once I had selected my ribbons, I started hot gluing row by row to the basket.  
I just overlapped the layer just enough so that you could not see the basket between the rows...and started creating the ruffle effect. 

You think I left it at that????
Of course I had to make a bow!  LOL
Here is the bow that I made to match:

And to help you finish up, refer to>> this Korker Bow tutorial <<
I used the:
 3/8 satin ribbon fairy assortment 

Here is the happy little girl that LOVES her EasterBasket, bow, and the dress that we got lucky to find! 
Oh...and I had to snap a few photos with her and the bunny flop!  

I hope this has inspired you to get crafty! 
Have a Great week! 


  1. This is fabulous!! What a fun Easter basket and hairbow and your wonderful photography shows it off beautifully!!

  2. too too cute! - vivian

  3. great photo's, love the fullness of the basket with the RRR

  4. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) AND that very last photo of your daughter kissing the bunny is SWEET! LOOK at the bunnies BIG EYES!!!!!!!!! LOL He looks just a little surprised!!!!! :) LOOOOOOOOOOVE what you've created!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Oh my goodness - way too cute! Made me smile - made my day... so adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love everything about this!!!! The girl, the bunny, the basket. Sure wish I had me a girl this time of year to dress up. I'm also thinking I want to be somewhere warm enough for a girl and her bunny to be out in a no-sleeved dress. Too cold here! thanks for sharing that great tutorial....who knew you could bake ribbon????

  7. Oh my, love your basket and the bow, and your daughter is too cute!


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