Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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How many kisses have you gotten today?  How many kisses do you HOPE to get?
Well, I am hoping for LOTS!  Especially since I am one super duper awesome~tacular Mom (if I do say so myself!)  LOL
My original intent was to post a new bow tutorial, but my 7 year old got ahold of my camera and deleted those pics!  SoOOOOooooOOOoo....that will come soon!  Until then, I will leave you with a link to one of my tutorials:

Also, I had to come up with something super fast, so I decided what better to do than a super fast valentine idea! ....But first, you get to endure my long winded mini story. HA! 

I have had 5 kids in basketball, track, or weight lifting this last 2 months,  been doing taxes, and I sub occasionally at my kids' schools... so I COMPLETELY forgot that today was Valentine's day! THANK GOODNESS that will all end soon!  LOL   Last night, I was in a LOOOONG line at Walmart trying to buy some last minute treats, and wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD was I thinking going to Walmart the day before Valentine's day! AGH!  As I got to the checkout (with the very minimal purchase, mind you, since theV-day stuff had been picked over quite thoroughly)  I wondered again WHAT WAS I THINKING!  LOL.  When the cashier told me my total,  I literally said out loud (mostly to myself, but everyone heard)  "Twenty Two dollars on Candy?   What crazy person does that???" ...As I handed her cash.  Everyone that was in line behind me laughed at my comment, as they are ALL standing with arms full of candy!  I thought Halloween was bad!

Anyway, so , I got home with my $22 dollars worth of chocolates and other candies, and realized that I hadn't thought about something to put all this crap in!  SOoooOOooo, I go searching through my gift wrapping stash, and I came across 5 blue paper bags that were left over from some party years prior.  Not very Valentine~y.  Oh well, it is what it, I got them out, stuffed them with the candy, and then remembered!  Oh!  I can add hearts!  And Ribbon!  YES!  I am a crafter after all!  LOL.


I pulled out my glue gun, and my FAVORITE ribbon that Bonnie has, white silky crush, and within minutes, I had what appeared to be a  decent Valentine arrangement!  LOL. WHew!  (not that the kids would care)  but I did and that's all that counts!  My 5 minute valentine bags: 

I think they turned out pretty decent for no planning at all! 
The big poofy white bow just made it all come together magically!  
This just goes to show how VALUABLE ribbon can be in an emergency situation!  LOL

I hope you enjoyed my little craziness and remember to ALWAYS keep some ribbon on hand! 
Bonnie has LOTS to choose from! 


  1. Oh how funny, I was right there with you (though at Tom Thumb, not WalMart) - it's ridiculous what candy costs these days! But you "saved the day" with style - these bags are so cute! Thanks for sharing your story - it gave me a grin!

  2. And thanks for linking to your past bow tutorial - hadn't seen that one and LOVE it!

  3. Well who says Valentines can't be blue? These look amazing and what a great foil for the red hearts! On a blue background they just pop!

  4. Well Misty you work well under pressure! Those bags are as sweet as what you put inside : ) Your kiddos are gonna love them! I hope you get all the kisses you are hoping for and more : ) Here's a couple extra from me!!! XOXOXOXOX Ginny

  5. Great last-minute Valentine's save!! I love your gift bags and I'm sure you kiddo's will too.

  6. so great!!! love the story and truly, the ribbon does dress up the treat bag, in a BIG way.
    ava g

  7. Absolutely Gorgeous!
    Happy Valentine's Day,

  8. I've been laughing through your whole post!!!!! I began reading it and laughing & HAD TO STOP & start over reading it to my husband! (Who smiled through the whole thing!) LOL You're TOO FUNNY!!!!!! :) The BLUE BAGS are JUST FINE!!!!!!! Think about all the colors Valentines ARE!!!! Your little bags look FABULOUS!!!!!!!! :) KEEP UP the crafting Mom!!!!! You're doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!! :)


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