Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Good Bye "35"

Good Morning Ya'll!  
Misty here with you all today, and yes, today is my Birthday.
I don't FEEL a year older.  Hopefully I don't LOOK a year older.
But I am.  
And since my post fell on my own birthday, I thought I would do a layout telling my 35th year good-bye, and tell "36" that I am looking forward to it!  LOL

I had read somewhere that scrap booking is great, but if YOU are not in any of the albums, then how will your kids remember YOU. 
That has been exactly how my albums were looking.
FANTASTICALLY GORGEOUS, but I was no where in them.
SO, all year long, I took photos of myself.
And here is a collage page of ME at 35:

And here is a close-up of my title work:
I used 1 1/2 inch White Wrinkled Ribbon to help create focal interest for the title.

I used the clock piece to show that time is ticking away!!!  LOL
Purple is my favorite color, so logically, the main color of my layout about ME is my favorite color.  
My journaling about my year is hidden behind the layout.  It is a lot of journaling, so I didn't want to put it on the front, it would have been more than the photos! LOL
I hope I have inspired you to create something today! 
But most importantly, I hope I inspired you to take photos of YOURSELF. 
Your kids and loved ones will want those someday, whether you do or not. 
Thanks for visiting us today!


  1. Happy Birthday!! What a beautiful page!!

  2. What a gorgeous layout Misty and Happy Birthday!! You are right, we never take photos of ourselves. It's a wonderful idea to make a conscious effort to include your own photos in your kids albums.

  3. Happy birthday, Oh my goodness this is so beautiful xx

  4. Nice layout of you and your kids will love it.


  5. great LO and thanks for the reminder to photograph myself - so important! - vivian


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